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Residents of Ontario who received their first dose of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine between March 10 and March 19 became eligible on Monday to schedule an appointment for their second injection.

However, some expressed frustration at the lack of available reservations and vaccine supply.

Last week, a spokesperson for the Ontario Ministry of Health told Global News that about 100,000 people received their first dose of AstraZeneca during that time.

There are approximately 55,000 doses in the province that will expire at the end of May.

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Ontario Pharmacists Association CEO Justin Bates said about 31,000 doses can be found in community pharmacies.

“We started the planning process about seven days later, working with the distributor to determine where the remaining 31,000 doses are,” Bates told Global News.

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He said the doses were collected on Friday and Saturday and are now under quality assurance.

“Public health is reviewing all temperature logs, making sure that every dose collected, it will be redistributed, is still good, not spoiled.”

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Bates expects shipments to start arriving at participating pharmacies by Tuesday afternoon, however, there is the possibility of a delay until Wednesday.

Many sites were able to administer a minimum of 40 injections per day. Bates said it is likely that each of the Toronto locations will receive 300 to 500 doses.

After temporarily suspending use of the viral vector vaccine the previous week, the province gave the green light to second doses on Friday. The pharmacy announcement applies immediately to Toronto, Kingston and Windsor, which were part of the initial deployment.

A number of primary care facilities have also received doses.

“This is an early second dose and there is a replenishment strategy,” Bates said.

“There is more to come. If you can’t get in this week, there’s no reason to panic.

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Starting this week, eligible people can make an appointment to get their second injection 10 weeks earlier with informed consent. The recommended interval is 12 weeks.

The pilot project initially involved more than 325 pharmacies, offering the AstraZeneca / COVISHIELD vaccine to Ontarians aged 60 to 64.

The provincial government has encouraged the public to contact the pharmacy or primary care provider where they received their first vaccine. However, some pharmacies and doctors have already started to let people know about available reservations.

Bates said about 120 pharmacies in Toronto are expected to receive doses of the vaccine.

Bates said a list will be posted on the provincial government’s vaccine website and on Vaccine Hunters Canada in the coming days.

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