Ontario funeral included the deceased behind a drum – fr

Ontario funeral included the deceased behind a drum – fr

Brentnol McPherson – or Bonny Brent, for the most part – was a world-renowned drummer, but his funeral in Ontario could be as memorable as any of his concerts.
Brent died in 2021, and Scarborough-based Covenant Funeral Home took an unusual step to ‘maintain its legacy’ at his April 23 funeral by supporting Brent’s body behind a drum kit (sticks in hands ) for mourners to see.

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“Today we did something a little different,” said a staff member in a video posted by the funeral home. “Since Bonny is a good friend of mine, we wanted to maintain and maintain her legacy. “

“So you have the exclusivity of our first organized tour, which is personalized and shows the man he really was,” adds the staff member, who says the exhibit is the first of its kind in Canada.

In more videos posted by the funeral home, mourners can be seen visiting and paying homage to Brent behind the drums before he is transferred to a more traditional casket.


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