Ontario data shows very positive impact of COVID-19 vaccines – fr

Ontario data shows very positive impact of COVID-19 vaccines – fr

Public Health Ontario report provides insight into COVID-19 infections after vaccination.

It found that 0.06 percent of the approximately 3.5 million Ontarians who had received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine before April 17 were infected while they were partially or totally vaccinated.

Of these, two-thirds were not yet protected by vaccination when they contracted the virus, as their symptoms appeared less than two weeks after inoculation.

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The report states that post-vaccination cases decreased “considerably” over time, with a “marked” decrease 28 days after administration of a first dose.

He said just under four percent of post-vaccination cases became infected seven days or more after receiving a second dose.

In the document, the health agency notes that protection against COVID-19 does not occur immediately after vaccination. Rather, it grows over time and is estimated to be as high as 80% three to four weeks after a first dose and exceed 85% after a second dose, he said.

This is in line with what Dr Dirk Huyer said on Thursday when asked about a recent study in Qatar which showed that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine offers strong protection against several variants of concern (VOCs), a single dose offers much less defense against these mutations.

The province’s deputy medical officer of health said while the daily number of COVID-19 cases is declining, hospitals still face serious capacity issues.

Dr. Barbara Yaffe said she would be surprised if the economy fully reopens in two weeks, when the province’s current stay-at-home order is due to be lifted on May 20.

“Everything that is planned, hopefully, will be done very gradually and slowly,” she said. “We don’t want a wave four.”

The province expanded vaccine eligibility for several groups on Thursday – residents aged 50 and over, those with high-risk health conditions and a number of employees who cannot work from home have all become eligible.

In Peel Region, one of the areas hardest hit by COVID-19, vaccinations were open to all residents aged 18 and over.


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