On the suave tones of Angie Mentink, the Mariners beat the Rangers 3-2 –

On the suave tones of Angie Mentink, the Mariners beat the Rangers 3-2 – fr

Some games have a natural storyline that lends itself to a recap. Others are so appalling that you will do anything to avoid thinking about the “baseball” you just witnessed. And then there are games like tonight. It was a good game, don’t get me wrong. Probably in the first third of games we’ll be watching this season, but rather halfway there when it comes to a cohesive story (beyond that, you know, the Mariners win!). To that end, and because it’s Friday night of a three-day weekend and I love myself a few points, your recap can be found in the tasty, easy-to-digest goodies below.

  • Justus Sheffield looked solid tonight over five innings, but continued to rely on a slider about as reliable as your flakier friend cooking brunch before noon on a Sunday. Changes, Sheff. Please.
  • Kyle Lewis !

(Rule of thumb doubles within second. No-hit threat eliminated early.)

  • It’s a sample size roughly the width of his pinky, but these last two games for Tom Murphy have been good to see. Certainly more of a thirsty water licking grass dew than anything substantial, but it looked faster in the box and the touch feels infinitely better.

(Murphy went 1-3 with a nice heads-up to catch Nick Solak in the fifth.)

  • What an absolute pleasure it’s to watch JP Crawford play in defense.

(He struggled a little at home, with a 0-for-3, but turned another double play and his quick touch on the aforementioned play of the fifth inning was key.)

  • Ty France appears to be * knocked out * feeling better, and tonight he was back to his “professional” knocking as described by Angie Mentink. And first double in DH career – yes, DH – José Godoy!

  • Erik Swanson’s first stop in 2021 came with 1 13 innings pitched after a fine round from JT Chargois and an unusually shaky – albeit brief – appearance from Keynan Middleton. Swanson closed the eighth without a problem, but made things a little more interesting than necessary in the ninth. But it’s done. They won. No recovery.
  • Mentink joined Dan Wilson and Mike Blowers for a special cast of the player cast tonight, and it was a real treat. Listening to his voice, I wondered how long it had taken me to hear women talking about baseball. Apart from my mom and grandmother, it wasn’t until I joined LL that I was able to tell other women about this game that I love. It was a little bit of magic tonight to imagine a young girl watching this show at home and hearing someone like her.


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