OMG Rosie – From Sophia Grace & Rosie Of Ellen Fame – Is All Big Now! – fr

OMG Rosie – From Sophia Grace & Rosie Of Ellen Fame – Is All Big Now! – fr

Do you still feel old? Well you definitely will after hearing this Rosie McClelland du duo de Sophia Grace and Rosie is a teenager now!

If you watched The Ellen DeGeneres Show, you probably remember the British child stars who captivated audiences with their viral performance of Nicki Minajfrom Super bass almost 10 years ago. Sophia Grace BrownleeRosie’s rap and dance had become so popular that the video garnered 38 million views on Youtube. Ch-ch-check it out (ci-dessous):

Iconic tbh.

The cousins ​​became instant celebrities, and their viral fame even resulted in an emotional encounter with the rapper herself! So cute!

And just like that, the stars were born!

Soon after, the duo returned to the talk show to host their segment called Tea Time avec Sophia Grace & Rosie, in which they chatted with celebrities like Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, and Justin Bieber. They even served as red carpet correspondents at awards shows on behalf of Ellen! The duo even made a movie, Olsen twins style, called The royal adventure of Sophia Grace and Rosie in 2014.

But that was a long time ago. Eventually, the couple broke up, at least when it comes to show business. Sophia Grace – who just turned 18! – started releasing his own solo music a few years ago. Now, maybe it’s Rosie’s turn to do it solo …

The 14-year-old opened up about her life in a rare interview with Australia Today Extra Friday, and it looks like she still has her heart set on fame! The high school student told the agency she plans to release her sixth single soon and will be moving to Los Angeles to pursue a music career, saying:

“At the moment, I’m at the signing stage, and I’m only 14 years old. Growing up I’m pretty sure I want to be a full time singer.

She has a good head start. She already has nearly 900,000 subscribers on her YouTube page, where she posts both songs and vlogs.

Wow, she’s come a long way after worshiping her cuz. She also reflected on her appearances on Ellen, saying that it only told him how “big deal” it was to work on the show:

“I wasn’t that nervous I was five, but now I realize how big a deal it was. My favorite parts were when we were running backstage. It was so much fun. “

Speaking of which, Rosie also spoke about the end of the program after several employees made allegations against the longtime host for creating a toxic work environment.

However, she wisely sidestepped the issue of toxicity and pointed to DeGeneres’ excuse that the show no longer served as a “challenge”, expressing:

“She’s been doing it for so long; it started before I was born. I’m sort of getting where it came from. She wants a little change. She ends on a positive note.

Interesting …

If you’re curious about his relationship with Sophia Grace, it looks like the two are still as close as ever! While they both launched separate music careers and social media platforms, Rosie said they still take the time to see each other:

“I always see Sophia because she is my cousin, and I absolutely love her and always see her at special events, family events. And she just turned 18 because it’s a huge birthday… I still see her.

Aww, we’re glad to hear! It would definitely make family reunions a little awkward if the girls weren’t in the right place. But can you believe how grown-up Rosie has become ?! It’s crazy to think it’s been almost a decade since they Super bass. Send us your reactions to the teenager’s conversation in the comments (below)!

[Image via Bridow/WENN & Rosie McClelland/Instagram]


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