Novak Djokovic saved by rain as Tsitsipas takes control in Rome | Tennis

Novak Djokovic saved by rain as Tsitsipas takes control in Rome | Tennis

Novak Djokovic had the conditions to thank as his quarter-final clash with Stefanos Tsitsipas was interrupted with the world number one in deep trouble in Rome.

In changing conditions on the center court of the Italian capital, Djokovic struggled to regain his form losing the first set to Tsitsipas 6-4.
The Greek star was playing big points much better than the Serbian, who made unusual mistakes in a difficult first set.

But any hope of a second setback was replaced by more concern as Djokovic was shattered in Game 3 of the second set to put him in big trouble as the rain fell in Italy.

Immediately after losing his serve and losing 2-1 in the second set, play was put on hold due to deteriorating conditions on the pitch, with Djokovic’s stony expression hiding what was likely a relief during respite and the ability to reset before play resumes.

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Speaking after the game, Nadal explained that the inconsistency of the white lines on the pitch, with some raised above the level of the clay surface, made conditions difficult and led to his downfall.
“It was very clear what happened,” he told Amazon Prime Video after his victory.

“Some lines are higher than the rest of the pitch so when you hit the line it’s dangerous. That’s all. “

But, despite his fear of injury, Nadal said he was satisfied with his performance as he qualified for the final four of the tournament.

“Yeah, I’m happy. I think I played a very solid game with few mistakes, playing the way I should. An important victory for me against a great player, ”he said.

” I am happy. The semi-finals here in Rome once again, confidence in me and another victory against such a happy great player. “

“I think I played more solid than in Madrid. At the same time, the conditions are different.

“In Madrid, he was able to create a lot of damage with his serve and then with the first shot here, the situation is a little different, conditions a little more normal on clay.

“I was able to control the game a little more than in Madrid where the ball was flying a lot and it was difficult to be under control. At the same time, the main thing is that I played well. “


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