Nova Scotians Respond to Reopening

Nova Scotians Respond to Reopening

“I think it’s a good start. Ideally, we are in phase four at the end of July, in the worst case, we are in phase four at the end of September. ”

“The success of the vaccination largely determines how quickly we move through these phases. From an economic point of view, to see the Atlantic bubble open in phase 3 which could be as early as the end of June is incredibly encouraging and I am optimistic that we will get there. The goal for this seems to be achievable from where we are right now. ”

“I think the biggest thing that hinges on this plan to reopen, above all else, are the vaccinations. And it’s in our hands. As a community, as individuals, it is really up to us to go and get our shots, certainly our first dose, but certainly our second dose as well. It is extremely important that everyone realizes the impact of the level of immunization coverage on our ability to achieve whatever our new normal is after the pandemic. The sooner we get vaccinated, the faster we can go through these phases. ”

“It is up to us to make our appointments, to introduce ourselves and to be vaccinated as soon as our age group allows it. In many ways it’s in our hands and we’re definitely not out of the woods just yet, but I think it’s absolutely the light we’ve been waiting for and hopefully in a week or so they will talk about moving in. in phase two.


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