Notre-Dame for Muslims or “foreign interference”? New mega mosque arouses controversy in France –

Notre-Dame for Muslims or “foreign interference”? New mega mosque arouses controversy in France – fr

The right-wing Senate majority subsequently added bans on covering the face, including for parents accompanying children on school trips. However, the centrist Macron camp opposed it and he will now return to parliament for a final vote.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently called the bill a “guillotine of French democracy” which was “openly in contradiction with human rights, freedom of religion and European values” and called for its ” withdrawal ”.

The Macron camp accused him of interfering in internal affairs.

Mr. Sahin denied any support or funding for the Erdogan camp.

“If so, why did construction stop for a year and a half? He asked. “We did not receive a single penny from the Turkish state. “

Samim Akgonul, head of the Turkish studies department at the University of Strasbourg, said he believes the truth lies somewhere in between.

There was no doubt that Milli Gorus was politicized, which explained his refusal to sign the Macron charter on an Islam of France because it contains a clause pledging not to promote political Islam, he said.

However, he was increasingly self-sufficient and out of touch with Mr Erdogan as he supported the Turkish opposition in the last election, which might help explain why donations have dried up.

The French government’s opposition to the granting of state aid has highlighted a paradox, he continued.

“A French association requesting funding from a French city is undoubtedly proof of the growing autonomy of Milli Gorus and of his integration into an Islam of France. If you deny this mosque foreign funding while saying that it cannot have public funding, what can it do? He asked.

“But by refusing to consider these populations as part of French society, the government is pushing them into the hands of Turkey when they are from Strasbourg.


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