no post-credits scene, but possibilities for a sequel –

no post-credits scene, but possibilities for a sequel – fr

Regan Abbott is eager to explore, but her mom just wants to find a safe place as quickly as possible.


Nervous shredding A Quiet Place, Part II is in theaters, bringing the horror sequel from director John Krasinski to audiences after his pandemic delay. The film picks up just after the events of the 2018 original as the surviving members of the Abbott family discover their next move in a world overrun by terrifying monsters that relentlessly hunt down any sound.

Let’s be very, very calm as we watch where they end up. There’s no post-credits scene, but we’ll also be looking at the possibilities for sequels set in this universe. SPOILERS whispered ahead.

Torn island

Deaf survivor Regan Abbott (Millicent Simmonds) and new ally Emmett (Cillian Murphy) discover an island populated by survivors living normal lives. The character of Djimon Hounsou (who is credited as Man on Island) reveals that the authorities quickly realized that the creatures could not swim, so they tried to evacuate people across the water from the mainland . The creatures were right behind them, however, the people panicked and only a few reached the islands.

Unfortunately, one of the creatures makes it to this island on the boat Regan and Emmett had their eye on, turning the refuge into hell. Regan, Emmett, and Man lead the beast to the island’s radio station – the source of the repeated broadcast of Bobby Darin’s Beyond the Sea that brought them to the island.

The creature quickly transforms Man on Island into Man in Pieces, leaving Regan and Emmet to save the day. Regan uses her cochlear implant, which uses electrical signals to give her an altered sense of sound, to exploit the weakness she discovered in the previous movie. She sends comments through the building’s speakers, making the creature bewildered and vulnerable. Regan then takes the opportunity to beat him to death, making the island safe again.

The terror of the steelworks

Back at the steel mill, Evelyn and Marcus Abbott (Emily Blunt and Noah Jupe) try to survive the assault from one of the creatures, while protecting the baby. It’s extremely stressful, and it looks like they’re screwed.

Conveniently enough, Marcus listened to Beyond the Sea over and over on their radio – either to listen to Regan’s progress, or to distract from the agony of getting his ankle caught in a bear trap earlier. Hearing the broadcast comments, he turns the radio on on the creature – enough to kill it.

Basically, Regan is the MVP of this franchise.

Questions WTF

  • We know the creatures are aliens who came to Earth on meteors, but where did they come from?
  • Is there more to the “base” where Emmett’s brother works, according to a throwaway line from Lee in the opening sequence? If it is a military base, could it have been specifically targeted by the impact of the meteor? It might suggest that the creatures are part of the first wave of an invasion, but maybe I’m going into a sci-fi rabbit hole.
  • The next obvious step is for Regan and Emmett to return to find Evelyn, Marcus, and the baby. However, Evelyn and Emmett are both in bad shape after being slashed by the creatures, so the adults are going to slow things down. Guess that’s a problem for a sequel to dive in, although a direct sequel to that movie hasn’t been confirmed yet.
  • Will the islanders panic at Regan and Emmett for inadvertently bringing one of the creatures to their refuge?
  • Why didn’t the Abbots get on a boat and go to the island a long time ago?
  • Are there other islands full of people living normal lives? A spin-off film has been confirmed, which could offer a comprehensive view of this post-apocalyptic world.
  • What was wrong with those horrible scary people in the marina? They had clearly become predatory and mean, but why was their skin all red? And why were their eyes super bloodshot?
  • Why was the excellent Scoot McNairy (Man on Marina) given such a small role?
  • Why does Beyond the Sea never get old? “Sailllllin ‘”

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