No love is greater than the love of City fans for Sergio Aguero – fr

No love is greater than the love of City fans for Sergio Aguero – fr

A tribute to Sergio Aguero by one of his biggest fans…
It’s usually pretty easy to be a Manchester City fan these days. It hasn’t always been the case, but there’s no one who’s a regular at The Etihad (in a non-Covid world, anyway) who gets sympathy from the outside. “Ooooh, you struggled with your third title in four years. Grow. “

The good times have been rolling around for a while, but there are still a significant number of City fans whose school days were dominated by silly goals, relegations and silly bullshit that would even make the Hollyoaks writers say: “Woah, stable on…”.

So in this context, the emotional attachment that formed to the first group of 20 adults competent enough to lift silverware at the Etihad is stronger than strong. Even stronger for the peloton which united them to finish first in the Premier League for the first time the following year.

What no one realized – or maybe they did, but chose not to think about it – is that forming this deeply rooted emotional attachment meant getting off a black cab and taking the scenic route to Heartbreak. Street. One by one, these legends had to go, as time caught up with the legs and younger blood came to replace them.

In 2016, it was Joe Hart. In 2017, it was Pablo Zabaleta. In 2018, it was Yaya Touré. In 2019, it was Vincent Kompany. In 2020, it was David Silva. In 2021, it’s Sergio Aguero.

Really, you just have to fuck this overwhelming emotional baggage because there is no physical pain that even comes close to the internal agony watching the people you love and idolize saying goodbye. It hurts the brain, but there is no cure because there is nothing physically wrong or broken. There is no sticky plaster or paracetamol that relieves this sore.

Now might be the right time. Injuries decimated Aguero’s 2020/21 season, with his recurring knee problem – and an episode of Covid – likely to have caused considerable unrest during the campaign. He’s a player who has always needed rhythm, needing several games to get back to the heart of the matter after receiving a blow, and the nature of that injury and this season has meant it can’t be for him. allowed.

Could he stay another season? Sure. Why not? But there’s no guarantee that her knee injury won’t have the same impact next year as she did – and, as much as victory over Everton was proof that he didn’t lose his touch, it’s still the outlier and didn’t reflect how his season unfolded. You know they say: always let them want more.

It will never seem like the right time and it will never be right.

And where do you even start with Aguero? No one is reading this who doesn’t know what their most famous goal is in the Premier League. No one who has clicked on this page is wondering if he’s one of the greatest of all time or not. There is probably no combination of words in English that does Aguero justice for what he did at Manchester City, and signifies both the club and the fans.

When he joined in 2011 – and trained in Roberto Mancini’s boots because he had arrived without any spares and there were no other spares in his size – he was clear that there was enthusiasm around what he could achieve. Some knew enough about him since his time in Spain to know he was going to set the Premier League on fire, but most had just heard rumors or seen clips of videos online.

Half an hour against Swansea was all it took to make it clear that there was someone special at the club.

Even this game featured one of Aguero’s greatest strengths: the variety of his finishing ability. He opened his account after just eight minutes on the pitch, rushing to be Johnny on the spot to hit Micah Richards’ low ball down the middle. So City had signed a classic fox in the box?

No – about 25 minutes later he beat Michel Vorm to 30 meters.

After ten years of watching Aguero stick the ball into the net for City, it’s clear there isn’t a type of finish that Aguero doesn’t have in his arsenal. He’s small, but decent in the air. He is right-handed, but scores a good proportion of goals with his left. He hit every corner of the net at short, medium and long distance. He’s been there to finish the hard work of others, to end a wonderful passing move, and he has done all the work himself to create his own opportunity.

There is hardly any stereotypical goal from Sergio Aguero – the closest being the way he places it at the near post before the goalkeeper can react, but even that is a small majority in a vast ocean of finishes. different.

He did it against all the comers too. His detractors have spent seasons clinging to the idea that he was a so-called “stat-padder,” scoring numerous goals against mid-to-bottom teams and rarely showing up in big games. It doesn’t add up: he faced 33 Premier League sides in his time in England and scored against 32 of them.

Bolton are the ‘lucky losers’ that kept him from scoring in his one appearance against them – but they were relegated at the end of his first season, yet to return to the top flight. Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal are in their five favorite clubs to score against.

His other records are equally impressive. He became City’s all-time top scorer in a 4-2 victory over Napoli in November 2017. He became the all-time leading foreign goalscorer in the Premier League on the same day he broke the record for Most Premier League hat tricks, in a 6-1 win over Aston Villa.

Saturday’s 5-0 win over Everton saw Aguero score twice on the bench, having played for the last half hour – mirroring how the striker’s Premier League career started against Swansea in August 2011. His two goals made him the player. with the most Premier League goals for a single club.

But the raw numbers don’t tell the whole story. The connection with Manchester City and the fans runs deeper than being very good at football (something that always helps, the spirit). It was the player who defended the fans who were being manhandled by police and stewards when, through no fault of their own, they were forced into Bournemouth pitch due to a push behind them.

He’s also the player who, when asked which Manchester United player he would have at City if he could pick anyone, replied: “I don’t prefer anyone. No. “

There is more. Once injured and during the tight season, he became a Twitch streamer – and ended up cutting off the word ‘Messi’ when speculation exploded over the summer and people kept asking him questions about his. international teammate. This was around the same time he made a video where he commented on his worst challenges.

Him – who else? – also televised live the time he scored an overtime game-winner in the online game, Fall Guys. The webcam he set up was balanced across two of his Premier League Player of the Month trophies.

There’s probably your reason why it hurts City fans so much to see Aguero unable to be a part of this season in any real measure. Players always come and go and the team will always keep moving forward – but sometimes players come and leave a lasting impression.

Each of the legends who have left before have done so, and as Aguero becomes the last player in Town’s first team to win the Premier League title, there is a sense of closure that this is truly the end of an era.

“I swear you’ll never see anything like this again,” was a phrase once used to describe his most famous lens, but it could so easily describe it. He was the best and he will be the best forever.

No matter how good what comes next, it will never be the same – and that’s good. This means that everything that has happened in the past ten years will be special for all who have been able to enjoy it.

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