NHL Loosens Viral Safety Rules For Playoff Vaccines – fr

NHL Loosens Viral Safety Rules For Playoff Vaccines – fr

New York (AFP)

The National Hockey League will relax Covid-19 safety protocols for teams and individuals fully vaccinated during the Stanley Cup playoffs, the league said on Saturday.

The NHL and its players union have reached an agreement on changes for vaccinees regarding face masks, testing, quarantines, team meetings and travel and social gatherings.

Individuals are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after receiving the final dose of an approved COVID-19 vaccine, while a team is considered fully vaccinated when 85% of people in its travel group are fully vaccinated.

“I think it will give a boost of energy to all parties involved,” said New York Islanders coach Barry Trotz.

“It will be a facility for the players, like” Hey, it’s worth it. We grinded, grinded, and now we see it changing a bit.

“I can’t put it in percentages or anything, but it’s been hard work for a lot of the protocol players. “

Referees and linesmen qualify for the relaxed measures once all members of a team are vaccinated.

Anyone who chooses not to be vaccinated must adhere to previous Covid-19 protocols.

The NHL may withdraw the changes for several reasons, including a team-wide Covid-19 outbreak.

No NHL playoff start date has been announced, but a U.S. television network has been promoting a playoff game to air next Saturday.

Among the changes, fully vaccinated people no longer need to follow quarantine rules after exposure to the virus, relaxed testing rules unless they return a positive result, and are allowed to participate in social gatherings of up to ‘to eight people fully vaccinated without masking or social distancing.

Vaccinated players can vaccinate other guests in the hotel room and commute together and have their meals out in restaurants.

Fully vaccinated teams will no longer have to wear masks away from the public in play or training facilities and will be able to hold team meetings and gatherings without masking or socially distancing themselves from others who have been vaccinated.


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