Newspaper crashes through the windshield on the highway, evokes the “final destination” – fr

Newspaper crashes through the windshield on the highway, evokes the “final destination” – fr

A crazy post-crash site has a lot of people reminiscing about the horror of the early 2000s – because it eerily resembles a murderous moment in the ‘Final Destination’ franchise.

A guy named Aaron Cox posted a video showing a giant wooden log piercing the windshield of a white van, stopped behind a transport truck on a highway … which, of course, is ripped off at “Final Destination 2” like any terrified onlooker who remembers will tell you.

There isn’t a lot of context – like where, when, or what happened next – but it’s kinda funny… because the guy filming, presumably Aaron, literally mentions “FD” as he captures. the pavement.

You don’t see any blood inside the van, which (hopefully) means no one was seriously injured. Oddly enough, the freakin ‘radio is still playing indoors, which seems to indicate that it looks worse than it actually was.

Still, the fact that life has mimicked art here at a T is odd.

If you haven’t seen the movie – it follows the same rhythms as the OG … starting with a mass death sitch where a group of people die from an incident (in this case, a highway stack that starts with the logs), which is prevented by a character having a premonition … only for the Grim Reaper himself to get back to everyone who cheated death.

Spoiler alert… everyone later dies in cool death scenes as the movie progresses – but that’s not the point.

One final fact about it – “Final Destination 2” marked so many people who watched it that this exact joke was made on none other than TikTok itself by the content creator. PatD Lucky … Who joked about being caught behind a large platform carrying a massive load of pipes and immediately wanting to break out of fear of facing the fate of Officer Burke.

I can’t blame him… IYKYK. 😬


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