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News and opinions in French in English – fr

A new group for European-minded Britons has now officially been launched as a French association.
One of the main objectives is to provide support to the pro bono case of French lawyer Julien Fouchet, who has been fighting for the rights of the British in France since 2017 The connection revealed his work to the English-speaking community.

Ultimately, the hope is that the EU will restore its European citizenship, perhaps to anyone with a UK residence permit.

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EUBritizens does not have a paid membership but invites all Britons attached to their European identity to join it on Facebook or Twitter or to contribute. This latest page replaces a previous crowdfunder to support Mr Fouchet’s Brexit deals on A website will also be launched at

The association hopes that a key case, for Alice Bouilliez du Gers, will obtain a first hearing before the European Court of Justice this month or in June.

It is combined with a similar one from Belgium. The cases aim to show that the loss of British rights due to Brexit, like voting in local elections, has a disproportionate impact on people’s lives.

Group Secretary Terence Knott,

Secretary Terence Knott, a former sailor from the Alpes-Maritimes, said: “This is something that was done to us without us having to say anything, and which has infringed on our way of life and our human and democratic rights.

“We are really working together as a team to make a meaningful impact on behalf of 1.4 million Britons in the EU. We feel energetic and positive. “

Financial transparency will be “extremely important”, he added.

Mr Knott said the group hopes to “persuade the EU that we are worthy citizens who are part of the European dream”. They conducted an investigation into the impacts of Brexit which reported ‘heartbreaking’ stories.

“Families are divided, people’s qualifications are not recognized, the loss of driving licenses…

“It is potentially a headache for the EU to have so many residents unhappy with what has happened to them,” he said.

“There seems to be a groundswell of sympathetic MEPs to our plight.”

Communications Officer Grazia Valentino-Boschi

Communications Representative Grazia Valentino-Boschi said the effects were ‘increasingly evident’ since full Brexit, so she hoped this would be convincing for the court, as the issues can no longer be dismissed as speculative.

She said she hoped to use her computer skills to “set up storms on Twitter” to raise awareness of the group. “We need to reach as wide a range of Britons in Europe as possible,” she said. They will encourage people to write to MEPs.

The group is also considering lobbying EU leaders, such as Commission President or MEP Guy Verhofstadt, to seek support in the European Court of Justice case.

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