New Zealand fugitive charters helicopter to surrender –

New Zealand fugitive charters helicopter to surrender – fr

The man, who faces multiple criminal charges, was on the run for 58 days in a rural area on the country’s South Island, his legal counsel, Hazel Heal, told CNN.

The fugitive flew from his hiding place to the city of Dunedin.

The man, who cannot be identified because the court granted him the removal of his name, told reporters, including reporters from local “Stuff” media, about his escape as they waited for him in outside the police station.

“It was really good, I did a lot of yoga. You can’t really see it on my physique but yeah, no it’s been good, ”he said.

He described the area he hid in as the “middle of nowhere”, the “rural side of the forest”.
Heal declined to comment on the charges against his client.

A New Zealand police spokesperson told CNN on Friday that “a 32-year-old man surrendered to Dunedin Police Station yesterday afternoon.”

The spokesman added that the man “was due to appear in Dunedin District Court (Friday) on several counts, including injuries with intent to injure”.

Heal told CNN that chartered helicopters are often used in this rural area, especially by local deer hunters.

The man grew a beard while in hiding.

When it was suggested by a reporter that the police might not recognize him because of the growing beard, the man agreed and said “yes, no, I’ve been in the hills for a while, you know. “

Heal said his client made the decision to surrender after seeing reports in local media that described him as “dangerous” and “wanted on the run.”

She also said he opted for a helicopter to resolve the issue without drama and paid for it with his own credit card. Heal picked him up from the helicopter and flew with him to Dunedin.

The man remains in custody.


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