New York Yankees say 8 vaccinated members have tested positive – fr

New York Yankees say 8 vaccinated members have tested positive – fr

Eight members of the New York Yankees tested positive for the coronavirus this week despite having been vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, the baseball team said Thursday.

The eight infected Yankees include coaches, staff and a player. Seven have no symptoms, said Jason Zillo, the team’s vice president of communications.

The Yankees said the eight infected members received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine at least two weeks ago.

Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose vaccine was 72% effective against COVID-19 among US trial participants and 85% against severe COVID-19. The two-dose vaccines used in the United States, from Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna, are both about 95% effective.

It is not possible to get COVID-19 from any of these three vaccines because none of them contain coronavirus.

But if a person contracts COVID-19 after being fully vaccinated, the symptoms will likely be much less severe than if they were not vaccinated at all, said Dr Jonathan Reiner, professor of medicine and surgery at the University. George Washington. This is similar to how flu shots work.

And the fact that almost all infected Yankees don’t show symptoms shows just how “remarkably effective” the vaccine is at preventing people from getting sick with COVID-19, Reiner said.

Of the eight team members who tested positive, only a third base coach Phil Nevin exhibited symptoms, Zillo said. He said Nevin was feeling better now.

The seven asymptomatic people who tested positive this week include staff members and shortstop Gleyber Torres.

Torres had tested positive in December but had since tested negative, the Yankees said.

There have been reports of “groundbreaking” infections among those vaccinated, but they represent a small fraction of the more than 117 million people in the United States who are fully vaccinated.

In these cases, “the resulting infection is more likely to have a lower viral load, may be of shorter duration and possibly less risk of transmission to others,” said Dr Rochelle Walensky, director from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. .

And people are still vulnerable to infection immediately after injections because the vaccines don’t fully come in until about two weeks after the last dose.

The Yankees played under relaxed health and safety protocols after hitting an 85% MLB-recommended threshold for team members vaccinated at the end of April.

On Thursday, the New York State Department of Health said it was in contact with Major League Baseball and the Yankees.

“While there have been anecdotal reports of New Yorkers who have tested positive for COVID 14 days or more after receiving their last dose of vaccine, the DOH is investigating these cases as well as those related to the Yankees to determine if they meet the formal CDC. breakthrough definition of the vaccine, ”the health department said in a statement.

The Yankees were in Florida Thursday for the last game of their series against the Tampa Bay Rays.

They are due to travel to Baltimore ahead of their series against the Orioles on Friday.


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