New York prosecutors summon grand jury to rule on Trump’s potential criminal charges as investigation intensifies, report says –

New York prosecutors summon grand jury to rule on Trump’s potential criminal charges as investigation intensifies, report says – fr

The Manhattan District Attorney has called a grand jury to decide whether President Donald Trump should be charged with criminal charges relating to his business relationship, Le Washington Post reports.
The panel was convened recently, the publication reports, and will meet three days a week for the next six months to discuss the criminal investigation into Mr. Trump and other leaders of the Trump organization. They will likely hear other cases besides the one related to the former president during this time.

Current Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr has been investigating the Trump organization for two years on a number of issues, including covert payments, tax returns and real estate appraisals.

The grand jury summons said the criminal investigation had intensified in recent months and that Mr. Vance and his team may have evidence that a crime was committed by Mr. Trump or other business executives .

Prosecutors have yet to announce whether they will lay criminal charges, but if they do, the grand jury will hear the evidence and decide whether or not to indict Mr. Trump, according to Le Washington Post report.

Mr. Trump’s trade relations investigation dates back to before he was president and includes an examination of whether the Trump organization broke New York laws in the 2016 payment to Stormy Daniels.

Investigators were also looking to determine whether the value of the company’s vast real estate portfolio had been manipulated to defraud banks and insurance companies, according to previous court documents. The compensation of top executives, such as longtime CFO Allen Weisselberg, was also under investigation.

In February, Mr. Trump took a heavy blow when the Supreme Court ruled that the Manhattan district attorney’s office could access eight years of the former president’s tax returns.

Then it was revealed earlier in May that New York Attorney General Letitia James and his office would be joining the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office for the Trump Organization’s trade deal criminal investigation.

“We have informed the Trump organization that our investigation into the organization is no longer of a purely civilian nature. We are now actively investigating the Trump organization criminally, with the Manhattan district attorney, ”an attorney general spokesperson told CNN. “We have no additional comments. “

Mr. Trump has not publicly responded to the latest report from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office summoning a grand jury for the criminal investigation. The independent contacted the Trump organization for comment.

But the former president previously released a lengthy statement on the investigation after it was announced that the New York attorney general was teaming up with the district attorney’s office.

“There is nothing more corrupt than an investigation that desperately seeks a crime. But make no mistake, that’s exactly what’s going on here, ”Mr. Trump said.

Previously, Mr. Trump had also accused the investigation of being politically motivated and of a “witch hunt.”

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