New York coronavirus rate hits lowest since pandemic began: data –

New York coronavirus rate hits lowest since pandemic began: data – fr

NEW YORK CITY – The coronavirus rate in New York City has fallen below 1% for the first time in months, Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

De Blasio said on Friday the city was 0.93% on a seven-day average.
“We’re down to less than 1% right now,” he told Brian Lehrer of WNYC. “Lowest since Labor Day last year. “

The milestone is actually the city’s lowest recorded positivity over seven days, according to health department data. The previous low of 0.96% was hit on September 4, the data showed.

And it’s not just New York that hit a new low for coronavirus – daily positivity in the state as a whole hit 0.59%, which is the lowest since the start of the pandemic.

“As we move into summer, it’s amazing to reflect on our situation with COVID a year ago,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said in a statement. “Thanks to the hard work of New Yorkers, we are getting closer every day to a reimagined normality. This is our opportunity to rebuild safer and stronger than ever with a new perspective. As we move towards the end of the tunnel, I want to encourage people in our state to use the best tool we have to beat the virus – the vaccine. It is free, accessible and efficient. ”

Coronavirus levels last year were below 1% in September without vaccines, although many lockdown restrictions and mask warrants have been fully enforced.

They then increased in the fall and hit a holiday high of almost 10%.

The city’s average positivity hovered stubbornly above 6% for weeks before dropping below 6% on April 9, the data showed.

It then fell below 5 percent and, within days, 4 percent, according to the data.

Soon after, it fell below 3% – the level that city authorities once set as a threshold for closing schools.

A little over two weeks ago, it fell below 2%.

The city is now in the process of reopening, with many restrictions and mask wearing requirements lifted.

De Blasio and health officials attributed the drop in coronavirus levels to vaccinations.


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