New Era pulls up Blue Jays hat inspired by website poutine –

New Era pulls up Blue Jays hat inspired by website poutine – fr

Every year, New Era comes up with wild and crazy designs for caps, and their “Local Market” collection could be the most hideous release yet.
The cap maker has launched a specialty cap in tribute to the 30 Major League Baseball teams. Each hat is designed as a homage to the original city with “city inspired elements” but in most cases it looks like a bunch of clipart images slapped onto a hat.

The Toronto Blue Jays version isn’t the most glaring of the bunch, as the Toronto cap featured Canada’s signature red maple leaf, Toronto area code 416, the classic World Series logo. from 1992 and the logo of one of Canada’s most famous dishes: poutine. .

Funny enough, the origin of poutine is linked to Quebec, not Toronto, so a better choice for a Six-inspired dish might have been a Jamaican galette or a peameal bacon sandwich.

In an interesting turn of events, just hours after these caps were released, it looks like New Era has pulled the entire local market line off their website.

Links to the original caps now lead to a “Page Not Found” site. Considering the speed and unfavorable fan reaction to these creations, it’s no surprise that the caps were retired right away.


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