New Dragon Ball Super movie revealed with message from Akira Toriyama – fr

New Dragon Ball Super movie revealed with message from Akira Toriyama – fr

In honor of Goku Day, Toei Animation and Akira Toriyama today revealed that a new Dragon Ball Super movie will be released in 2022. Although not much has been revealed about this second Dragon Ball Super movie, Toriyama shared a message to fans and let them know. “Be ready for extreme and entertaining fights, which can present an unexpected character”.“A brand new movie since” Dragon Ball Super: Broly “is currently in the works! Just like the previous film, I am heavily directing the story and the dialogue production for another amazing film, ”Toryiama said. “I really shouldn’t talk much about the plot yet, but be prepared for some extreme and entertaining fights, which can feature an unexpected character.
“We’re going to travel uncharted territory in terms of visual aesthetics to give audiences an incredible ride, so I hope everyone looks forward to the new movie!” “

In our review of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, we said that it “offers awesome action, but more than that, it uses Goku’s fathers, Vegeta, and Broly to go back to the late 1980s and early 1980s. 1990. climax of the series to add a relatable and thoughtful subtext. It is a humorous film that delves into the world of the imagination and is captivating until the end. ” This should come as no surprise since Dragon Ball Super: Broly had Funimation’s biggest U.S. box office opening of 2019. The film grossed over $ 120 million at the global box office.

For more, check out why we named Dragon Ball Super: Broly the ultimate Dragon Ball action experience and our explanation of the 2015 movie ending.

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