New details on the heat and behind-the-scenes behavior of Drake Wuertz in NXT ahead of its release – fr

New details on the heat and behind-the-scenes behavior of Drake Wuertz in NXT ahead of its release – fr

UPDATE 2: A new report contains more details about the behavior of the new Drake Wuertz behind the scenes at NXT. Fightful Select spoke to several people at the company about Wuertz after his release, noting that he had “significant heat” after the takeover of NXT: In Your House when he had a negative reaction. to Triple H’s speech where he basically said all people, races, genders, and religions are welcome. According to the site, Wuertz’s attitude immediately changed after the mention of “religions” and he “aggressively gathered his things” before leaving.
The list was said to have been keenly aware that Wuertz was trying to position himself for certain roles in WWE and would try to put pressure on others to get that position on multiple occasions. There were also apparently several points where minorities within the company objected to the way Wuertz framed it and several people of color went to NXT’s superiors to address it. There would have been a situation where Ezra Judge almost felt the need to physically get with Wuertz on this matter.

Wuertz had brought “nuclear heat” to himself for most of the past year, according to several people from the Performance Center, and as many as 10 wrestlers had told Fightful they didn’t feel up to it. comfortable or safe with it. He was known to have vocally criticized the talent of getting the vaccine, even to get the flu shot.

UPDATE: A new report contains more details on Drake Wuertz’s exit to WWE. PWInsider reports that Wuertz was among the first cuts made today and was notified around 11 a.m. ET. Wuertz is said to be looking for reservations after his release and has contacted promoters to let them know he is a free agent.

WWE has yet to confirm the exit of Wuertz or the crop of NXT talent, including Jessamyn Duke and Alexander Wolfe, who were reportedly dropped today.

ORIGINAL: Arbitrator Drake Wuertz, who was recently embroiled in controversy, was released from WWE earlier today, according to a report from PWInsider. Wuertz had been with the company since March 2014. At one point in his career he was the Chief Referee of WWE NXT.

PWInsider previously reported that Wuertz’s recent actions and comments regarding COVID-19 protective masks were becoming a growing concern within WWE. Several talents and staff were reportedly disturbed by his actions and misinformation. Earlier this month, Drake Wuertz missed an NXT TV recording in order to attend a Seminole County Public School Board meeting to advocate against masks in schools.

At the meeting, Wuertz argued that the superintendent should not allow masks for children in school because they “outweigh” the dangers of COVID-19. He also said the superintendent was allowing “these precious children to fall victim to tyrannical exaggeration.”

Additionally, the PWInsider report noted that there may have been additional cuts to NXT today. Details of the other cuts have yet to be confirmed.


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