New British Airways TV commercial: “You Make Us Fly”

New British Airways TV commercial: “You Make Us Fly”

After (arguably) the worst year in aviation history, British Airways has launched a new advertising campaign called ‘You Fly Us’. This is British Airways’ first TV commercial since early 2019, and it will start airing today.

You can watch the announcement here:

And you can watch a behind-the-scenes video from the set of this here:

Here’s how British Airways describes the announcement:

The campaign features the airline’s own employees, who have all volunteered to be featured in the ad which was designed to have an uplifting sentiment and remind customers that they are at the heart of British Airways. The ad features the airline staff proudly returning to work with a very British sense of urgency, to do what they love most, take care of customers.

British Airways CEO Sean Doyle said the following about the announcement:

“The airline colleagues are preparing to return to work after a very difficult year. The story illustrates the pride that our people tell me to feel at the idea of ​​seeing our planes in the sky again and having the opportunity to welcome and serve our customers, to reunite them with their friends and relatives. The excitement is palpable. “

The ad highlights 777 captain Helen Wetton, who said the following:

“I am extremely proud to have participated in the creation of this advertisement with British Airways. I played my own role as a female captain who jumps out of bed and races to get to work. I’m so excited to get back to doing what I love and to have our clients travel the world, when the time is right. “

British Airways has done a phenomenal job over the years with advertising, doing a great job playing on the sophistication and britishness of the airline (although I would say the former is questionable). This announcement is also very well done, in my opinion.

Now I’m not sure before the coronavirus that I felt like the average British Airways employee loves their passengers so much that it’s their first thought in the morning and the reason they get up, but can -being that the coronavirus has made a difference.

At the end of the line

British Airways has released a nice new TV commercial (the first in over two years), titled ‘You Fly Us’. It features British Airways staff showing their enthusiasm for returning to work and serving customers.

It’s a lovely ad – I’m not sure I bought the post, but it’s done well and the employees did a great job.

What do you think of the new British Airways TV commercial?


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