Nepal’s Covid Crisis Worsens As Workers Pay the Price –

Nepal’s Covid Crisis Worsens As Workers Pay the Price – fr

“With the exception of a few villagers, many are unable to go out and do daily farm work,” said Jhupa Ram Lamsal, head of the village of Gauri, where nine people died from Covid more than 10 days earlier. this month. “What is worrying is that even symptomatic people are not ready for Covid testing. “

Mr Lamsal said he had recently reached Gauri, who is in isolation and has no health facilities, with a team of medics performing antigen testing. Residents have rejected medical professionals’ call for Covid testing, he said, arguing that they would be discouraged if they found out they were positive.

“The situation is out of control,” Lamsal said. “We are desperate, helpless. “

Mr. Kakri, the printing worker, was from a village in Bhimdatta Municipality, in the western corner of Nepal. The area of ​​110,000 people has officially registered 3,600 infections, according to health chief Narendra Joshi. But the lack of metrics at the border means the data may not fully measure the severity.

“More than 38,000 people have returned from one of the two border points in the district since the start of the second wave in India,” Joshi said. “It is difficult to manage them.


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