Neighbors warned to double-lock their doors after 10 burglaries – fr

Neighbors warned to double-lock their doors after 10 burglaries – fr

Residents of Wavertree are warned to follow a list of security measures after a wave of recent burglaries.
Merseyside Police issued the warning after 10 burglaries were reported in the Smithdown Road, Piction and Wavertree areas.

The incidents occurred between April 20 and May 5 and saw a total of eight reported laptops, TVs and PS4s.

The offenders were said to have climbed through unsecured or open windows on the first and ground floors.

Investigations into the incidents are ongoing and police have stepped up patrols in the area, where officers will provide crime prevention advice while on the move.

Here’s the advice the force shared that people should follow:

– Keep valuables out of sight

– Remember to lock all your doors and windows, even if you are at home

– Install outdoor security lighting

– Report any suspicious person or vehicle in your neighborhood. Many crimes averted and people arrested after members of the public report unusual or suspicious activity to police

– People who have UPVC doors are reminded to fully secure them. If you simply lift the handle, you are NOT fully engaging all of the locks in the frame. You MUST also double lock the door using the key

– Remember to remove the keys from the doors once they are locked

– Do not advertise new items you may have purchased, such as electrical equipment, by leaving empty boxes outside your home

– Try to dispose of the packaging carefully by taking it to a recycling center or keep it out of sight until the day of your waste collection

– During dark nights, use a timing device to turn on the lights

– Do not leave your car keys exposed (on window sills / countertops) and do not leave them near doors or windows where they could be grabbed with a hook or a cane

– Always check that your front and back doors are secure even if you are inside, burglaries can often occur through unsecured back doors when residents are at home

– Properly secure your shed and your garage. Don’t leave any tools lying around that could be used to help the offender get into your home.

– Register the serial numbers of your electronic devices on

– Backup your photos and saved work from electronics to cloud storage or securely stored hard drives / USB.

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Community Inspector Dave Uren said, “No one has the right to violate the safety and security that people should feel in their own home. I want to reassure the community that we are determined to find those responsible for these crimes and bring them to justice

“I would also like to take this opportunity to remind residents that there are a number of simple steps that will make life as difficult as possible for would-be burglars.

“You can improve security features like locks and alarms, and make sure your home always looks occupied.

“Also, don’t forget to push the handle up and turn the key when you lock the door, if your door has that function. If you are elsewhere in the house, in the garden or in the corner, this is always a good idea. to make sure exterior doors and windows are locked.

“In hot weather, if you’ve opened your windows, be sure to close and re-lock them when you’re out of the room.

“Opportunistic burglars can try dozens of handles on doors and windows on a street in the hopes of finding at least one that opens easily – make sure yours isn’t that one .

“It is very important that people are extremely vigilant and make sure that they take home security seriously, and the following tips will help you protect your home and property.”

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Inspector Uren added: “Operation Castle is our ongoing response to the burglaries in Merseyside and has been put in place to bring to court anyone suspected of being involved in a burglary in our communities.

“Since we started offenders have been sentenced to over 300 years in prison, and we’ve seen burglary offenses decrease year by year. It is thanks to the information provided by the communities concerned that we can record such results.

“I would ask anyone who sees or hears anyone acting suspiciously near homes or businesses to let us know and we will continue to take positive steps to bring offenders to justice.

Additional tips on how to keep your valuables safe; mark your property to deter burglars, and a checklist when you leave the house can be found here.

Anyone with information on incidents at Picton and Wavertree, or any other related information, can contact us by DM through our social media office on Twitter @MerPolCC or Facebook ‘Merseyside Police Contact Center’.

You can also contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or through their online form here.


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