‘NCIS’ Season 18 Finale Episode 16 Recap – [Spoiler] Leaves the team –

‘NCIS’ Season 18 Finale Episode 16 Recap – [Spoiler] Leaves the team – fr

The following contains spoilers from the NCIS Season 18 finale.

Not long ago NCIS Actor Wilmer Valderrama alerted TVLine readers that the CBS drama season 18 finale be worthy of “major, major, major, Major spoiler alerts, ”adding that rather than DVR and watching later,“ This is an episode you want to show up for. “

The Torres doorman went on to say that to make up for the start of last year’s pandemic non-final, this season would end with “a real and explosive finale” which is “unpredictable”, “badass” and a “very touching and controversial type of episode”.

“There are things going on that fans are dying to see, and there are answers they were looking for,” he said in conclusion. “People are going to get many questions answered.”

So how true was all of the above? I would say… absolutely?

Much of the finale revolved around hunting down certain arms dealers, two of which were chosen by Bishop with gliding motion on the ground and weirdly clever, Lara Croft-like precision aiming. The search for the group’s leader, Flori, led McGee, Bishop, and Torres to an abandoned house where they found, yes, guns, but also a classified NSA file.

Shortly thereafter, the NSA reported to Vance that the discloser of the said file was … Bishop, 10 years ago. And although the prosecution hugged the whole team, Ellie eventually confessed to Vance that she did divulge the information, opposed as it was to how the NSA was using innocent Syrian refugees to capture warlords. Or something.

Bishop attempted a disappearance act, but we soon realized that she was preparing for an undercover operation, on behalf of Odette. Ziva’s one-time cohort revealed that Nick beat up Ellie at the hangar, where he told Ellie about his secret. As he had gleaned, she planted the NSA file in order to explode her career and go undercover – for what she expected to be “too long” – as an NCIS agent. in disgrace. When Nick asked her how she could leave without saying a word, she replied, “Sometimes there is nothing to say. ” ” This is do not one of those times, Nick barked back. Ellie shared, “I didn’t want us to come” before pulling Nick into a “goodbye” kiss and walking away.

Elsewhere in the final….

Gibbs came to suspect that the serial killer he and Marcie had been hunting down was upon them, following him and watching their homes. A bit of Gibbs’ detective work revealed that with the last woman murdered, the cops never looked for clues in the right neighborhood. So Gibbs, rolling in his in one way or another boat removed from the basement (which he called “rule 91”) and with Tom Petty yelling, headed for the outlying area … when the boat is suddenly torn apart! We saw Gibbs’ seemingly lifeless body move a bit above the water in the process… but only for a few seconds, before sneaking off.

What did you think of Bishop’s act of disappearance / lies and Gibbs’ subterfuge?


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