NBA Playoffs 2021: Game winner Khris Middleton elevates Milwaukee Bucks to thrilling victory in Game 1 over Miami Heat

NBA Playoffs 2021: Game winner Khris Middleton elevates Milwaukee Bucks to thrilling victory in Game 1 over Miami Heat

The 2021 NBA playoffs have gone off in an exciting way.

Thanks to a shot from Khris Middleton who won the game with 0.5 seconds left in overtime, the Milwaukee Bucks took a 1-0 lead over the Miami Heat with a 107-105 victory in Game 1. While Middleton finished with a high of 27 points, Giannis Antetokounmpo (26), Jrue Holiday (20) and Brook Lopez (18) were the only other double-digit Bucks.

For the Heat, Goran Dragic led the way with 25 points, while Duncan Robinson scored 24 points while sinking seven of a 20-thirds playoff franchise record.

Take a look at some thoughts on an exciting game 1…

1. «Khash Money» Middleton

Middleton capped a 27-point performance by calling the game.

Call it whatever you like, but it’s clearly closer to Milwaukee.

2. Grind it out

This series is going to be a grind.

During four quarters of physical basketball, two of the league’s most disciplined defenses played a game reminiscent of playoff basketball decades ago. It took extra hours for the teams to cross the 100 point threshold.

Milwaukee held off a number of punches from Miami and vice versa, but ultimately the Bucks were able to deliver the final blow with Middleton’s big jumper.

3. Stars in Trouble

Antetokounmpo and Butler are the headliners, and both have had unforgettable nights by their standards.

For the back-to-back MVP, it wasn’t the most effective night in the office, but he still managed to finish with 26 points, 18 rebounds and five assists despite 37.0% shooting from the field and 50, 0% of the charity band. .

A quick glance at the takes chart shows where Giannis’ struggles are coming from.

As for Butler, Game 1 was statistically the worst shooting night of Butler’s playoff career. He only shot 4 for 22 from the field, including 2 for 9 from deep, but like the real Butler, he had one of the biggest plays of the night, a buzzer layup for force overtime.

Butler finished with 17 points, 10 rebounds, eight assists and two steals, but will look to improve his offensive performance in Game 2, which is based on the fall of his jumper.

4. The 3 ball

Speaking of riders, we knew the perimeter shot would be a major key to the series.

The first game is a clear example.

Led by Duncan Robinson, the Heat won the 3-point line, and it wasn’t particularly close.

Miami shot 20 for 40 (40.0 percent) from the earth beyond while Milwaukee only shot 5 for 31 (16.1 percent); Middleton (3 for 9) was the only Buck to have more than a triple.

That the Bucks were able to win despite such a poor shot should be disheartening for the Heat. Going forward, it’s hard to imagine Milwaukee running under 20%, and just as hard to imagine Miami hitting that many 3s at such an effective clip.

Adjustments will be made.

5. Elimination vacations

During the offseason, Milwaukee beckoned to acquire Holiday and this season, made sure he would be part of the franchise for years to come.

The first game showed why.

Including an 11-point third quarter, Holiday finished the game with 20 points, 11 rebounds, three assists and three steals. He climbed back up the straight, going coast to coast to push the Bucks up three points late in overtime.

On both sides of the pitch, we’ll see how Holiday makes this team completely different from years past, especially in the game’s most crucial moments.

6. Game 2…

Is set for Monday, May 24 at 7:30 p.m. ET.

There’s plenty to watch out for, as Antetokounmpo and Butler will look to bounce back from tough outings, while the Bucks look to make adjustments to limit the Heat’s 3-point shot power. It will be yet another grind.

Catch yourself then.

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