NBA 2021 Playoffs – Everything in play on the last day of the regular season – fr

NBA 2021 Playoffs – Everything in play on the last day of the regular season – fr

At the end of the regular season, each team has something to play: the standings or the draft picks. With the addition of play-in games to the 2021 NBA Playoffs, the leaderboard rush is wilder – and bigger – than ever, with nearly every game at the end of the period having significant playoff implications. playoffs.
Play-in matches after Saturday’s matches:



The play-in matches will take place from Tuesday to Friday.

Here’s a look at Sunday’s games and what the results will mean:

Who will be in the top six in the West?

Lakers à Pelicans, 21 h HE

The Lakers can play their way out of the play-in tournament with a little help from the Denver Nuggets on Sunday. If Los Angeles beats the New Orleans Pelicans and Nuggets at the top of the Portland Trail Blazers, Los Angeles will become the sixth seed in the Western Conference playoffs. If the Lakers lose, they will host a play-in game on Wednesday against Golden State or Memphis.

New Orleans will be deprived of its young superstar Zion Williamson, who has missed the last five games with a fractured left index finger. The Pelicans have already been eliminated from playoff competition. – Dave McMenamin

Clippers au Thunder, 21 h HE

After the LA Clippers seated virtually everyone in their rotation and lost to the Houston Rockets on Friday night, the Clippers can stay in the fourth seed in the West with a loss to Oklahoma City on Sunday. The fourth seed would virtually guarantee that the Clippers and Lakers don’t meet until the conference final – if both teams advance that far.

On the other hand, the Thunder will desperately lose once again to make sure they don’t finish worse than also in third place with the Magic in the lottery standings. Oklahoma City has lost quite well in recent weeks, going from 1 to 23 since April 1. – Bontemps

Nuggets chez Blazers, 21 h HE

For the Portland Trail Blazers, it’s not complicated: beat the Denver Nuggets, get a top-six seed. The Blazers can even move up to fifth place if the Dallas Mavericks lose to Minnesota, due to a tiebreaker in hand. Who Portland would play in the first round is complex and involves Denver.

If the Blazers win on Sunday, the Nuggets would drop to fourth place, but only if the Thunder beat the Clippers as well. If the Clippers win, the Clips are the 3 seeds and the Nuggets are fourth no matter what. And with the Lakers potentially shaping up as the 6 seeds, moving up to the 3 seeds might not sound as appealing. – Royce Young

The fight for the 8 seeds in the West

Grizzlies chez Warriors, 15 h 30 HE

The winner becomes the eighth seed in the Western Conference – a major difference because the Golden State Warriors or the Memphis Grizzlies would end up with two chances at a place in the playoffs.

Sunday’s winner can go for the seventh seed in the play-in tournament. The loser of Sunday’s game must win back-to-back games to qualify for the playoffs. – Nick Friedell

Installation of play-in seeds in the East

Pacers chez Raptors, 13 h HE

While the Indiana Pacers can no longer finish in eighth place in the Eastern Conference after losing to the Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday afternoon, a victory over the Toronto Raptors tankers on Sunday will ensure Indiana hosts Game 9- 10 in the inaugural NBA game. -in tournament on Tuesday evening. However, a loss will mean Indiana travels to either Charlotte or Washington as a 10th seed in the East. – Tim Bontemps

Hornets chez Wizards, 13 h HE

After Washington defeated Cleveland on Friday night and the Charlotte Hornets lost in overtime to the New York Knicks on Saturday, the game between the Wizards and the Hornets on Sunday afternoon became the unofficial start of the play-in tournament. Eastern Conference. The winner will become the eighth seed, and the loser will likely be locked in the tenth seed, assuming a Pacers win over the Raptors. – Bontemps

Who will be among the top six in the East?

Celtics à Knicks, 13 h HE

The Knicks need only win at Madison Square Garden on Sunday to clinch the fourth seed in the East. With a tiebreaker over Atlanta, a Knicks victory means they will be sure to finish in nothing worse than a tie with the Hawks, so the first round of the playoffs will begin for them next weekend. . Boston is locked in the seventh seed and is waiting to see who their play-in opponent will be at TD Garden on Tuesday night. – Bontemps

Rockets at Hawks, 19 h HE

A win for the Hawks could mean an advantage on the field in the first round – but only if they get a little help. If Atlanta ended up tied with New York, the Knicks would own the tiebreaker and send the Hawks to fifth place. With New York playing earlier on Sunday, Atlanta will have a good idea of ​​the possibility of reaching the 4 seeds. The Rockets have nothing to pay other than pride, because they’ve already had the worst record in the league. – Lopez

Piston Heat, 8 p.m. ET

Miami’s loss to the Bucks on Saturday night means the Heat are now on track for the sixth seed and a rematch with the same Milwaukee team they beat in the Eastern Conference semifinals of the last season. The Heat currently sit one game behind the Knicks and Hawks, who are tied for fourth place. The Heat have the tiebreaker on the Knicks but not on the Hawks. If the Knicks beat the Celtics and the Hawks do business against the Rockets on Sunday, the outcome of the Heat’s final against the Pistons won’t matter when it comes to seed. – Friedell

Who will take the No. 1 seed in the West?

Suns at Spurs, 14 h HE

In a rematch of Saturday’s game, the Suns will once again look to topple San Antonio as they continue their quest for the No.1 seed. The Suns will also have to hope Utah slips against the Sacramento Kings. in a subsequent match in order to overtake the Jazz for the first place. Phoenix cannot fall lower than the second.

Meanwhile, Spurs are placed in 10th place, so they could again choose to rest the players, as they did with DeMar DeRozan, Rudy Gay, Dejounte Murray and Jakob Poeltl on Saturday. – Andrew Lopez

Jazz at Kings, 21 h HE

It’s simple for the Utah Jazz: A victory over the Sacramento Kings claims the West’s seed, regardless of the Suns’ outcome against the Spurs. It would also give the Jazz the best league record for the first time in franchise history. (Utah tied for best NBA record in 1997-98 and 1998-99.) The Jazz will finish at least tied for best NBA record no matter what, but the Suns own the tiebreaker. on them, so a loss to the Kings drag Utah to the second seed.

The Kings, currently tied with the Pelicans for the ninth-worst record, will land eighth to tenth in lottery odds. – Tim MacMahon

Other intriguing encounters to watch

Cavaliers aux Nets, 19 h HE

The easiest path to the No.2 seed in the Eastern Conference is for Brooklyn to win both of its games this weekend. Brooklyn took care of the first half of that equation with its victory over the Bulls on Saturday afternoon.

Now the Nets are going to watch and see what happens between the Miami Heat and the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday night. The outcome of this game not only has an impact on the Nets’ playoff standings – if the Bucks lose on Saturday it secures the No.2 seed for Brooklyn – but it does have an effect on Steve Nash’s choice to hold. Sunday’s game. with the Cavaliers. Nash said he would rather not play against James Harden, Blake Griffin and Kevin Durant – all of whom have injury histories – on Sunday. If the Nets can block their standings on Sunday night, the decision to put those players to rest becomes easier. – Malika Andrews

Mavericks à Timberwolves, 21 h HE

The Dallas Mavericks know they will face the Denver Nuggets or LA Clippers in the first round, but the Mavs will have no clarity until how the outcome of their regular season final will determine their playoff game. A win against the Timberwolves will clinch the fifth seed for the Mavs, but the Clippers will be the fourth seed if they manage to lose to the Thunder or if the Nuggets beat the Trail Blazers. Dallas could also lose Sunday and see the Clippers in Game 3-6. A Mavs win combined with a Clippers win and a loss for the Nuggets would result in a Denver game against Dallas 4-5.

The Minnesota Timberwolves, whose choice goes to the Golden State Warriors if they don’t land in the top three, are currently tied with the Cleveland Cavaliers for the fifth-worst record, one loss less than the Orlando Magic and Oklahoma City Thunder. – MacMahon

Bucks chez Bulls, 21 h HE

Milwaukee should have a good idea of ​​whether he can still claim the second seed by game time. Brooklyn’s game against Cleveland begins two hours earlier, and if the Nets lose, a win over the Bulls will give the Bucks second place in the East. Meanwhile, the Bulls alone occupy eighth place in the lottery. Beating Milwaukee could potentially push Chicago into a three-way tie with New Orleans and Sacramento. – Bontemps

Sixers à Magic, 19 h HE

After Philadelphia beat Orlando on Friday night, the Sixers enter Sunday’s game with nothing to play, having already secured the Eastern Conference Playoff seed.

Magic, on the other hand, has everything to lose. Losing Sunday’s contest will ensure Orlando doesn’t end up worse than a tie for third place with Oklahoma City in the NBA Draft Lottery next month. The Magic are one of the many teams at the bottom of the standings who could do their best to lose one last time before heading home for the summer. – Bontemps


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