National Trust Chairman Tim Parker Resigns After Rebellion Against Charity’s ‘Awakened’ Program

National Trust Chairman Tim Parker Resigns After Rebellion Against Charity’s ‘Awakened’ Program

The move was announced a day after a group of members reportedly planned to kick him out at this year’s annual meeting. According to The Telegraph, charity members, MPs and ministers expressed concern about the Trust after a report released last September. The report spoke of the links between the Trust’s properties, including the home of Winston Churchill, and the colonial and slavery history of the United Kingdom.

The rebels’ motion at this year’s annual general meeting was reportedly supported by more than 50 members, according to reports.
The motion has yet to be submitted but the Telegraph reported that it reads: “Members have no confidence in Tim Parker as chairman of the National Trust and is asking him to resign. “

He added: “It’s a president’s job to watch an organization go through a crisis.

“The pandemic has presented the National Trust with serious challenges, and addressing them while securing the future well-being of the charity should have been the top priority.

“Instead, the National Trust was the subject of debate in Parliament and an investigation by the Charity Commission, which found that the charity issued a report that generated strongly divided and divided opinions. without fully managing the reputational risks of the charity.

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“The Managing Director admitted that the timing of the publication of the ‘Interim Report on Links Between Colonialism and Properties Now in National Trust Custody, Including Links to Historic Slavery’ was ‘a mistake’. “
The motion also said morale among charity members was “at an all-time low.”

It read: “The leadership of the National Trust has often been out of step with its members and supporters in recent years.

“Unnecessary controversies have threatened to undermine the charity’s simple duty to promote public enjoyment of the buildings, places and movable property under its protection.

“As a result, volunteer and member morale is at an all-time low and the National Trust has suffered, both financially and in reputation.

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“The National Trust must regain the nation’s trust and will need new leadership to achieve this. “

In November, Mr Parker told members of the Trust that he hoped they would recognize “that in no way has the Trust become a political organization that has been taken over by a bunch of awakened people or whatever. of this nature ”.

Conservative MP Sir John Hayes, of the Common Sense Parliamentary Group and member of the National Trust, told the Mail: “The National Trust has unfortunately lost sight of its purpose. He is concerned about the prejudices of an awakened minority. “

The Trust’s last year’s report drew much criticism and prompted the Charity Commission to open a “regulatory compliance case”.

At the time, the Minister of Heritage said the report was “unfortunate” and that the Trust should return to its “essential functions”.

In a statement, the Trust said it was “sincerely grateful for the service Tim has rendered during his seven-year tenure, particularly over the past year when he supported the Trust during our response to the coronavirus crisis.

“He oversaw a major savings program to support the organization during the pandemic and beyond.”


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