Natalie Morales makes her directorial debut. Twice. –

Natalie Morales makes her directorial debut. Twice. – fr

“If you’re flying near the seat of your pants, Natalie is the perfect guide to walk you through that,” said Verma, who plays Sunny, a tight-lipped high school student whose sex experience at a party requires the trip. of the movie. .

“It was kind of a training camp for me to be in front of the camera,” Verma said. “Am I supposed to watch myself on the monitor, or do I pull up a Johnny Depp and not watch anything I’m doing?” She was there for all the stupid questions.

Victoria Moroles, who plays Sunny’s streetwise best friend Lupe, said the director let her and Verma know that she would encourage their experimentation and make sure even their craziest scenes didn’t go off the rails. .

“At the start of the movie, she said, ‘Don’t worry, I’m your guardian angel,’” recalls Moroles. “That’s what I felt throughout the whole affair. There was someone behind the monitor who I could trust, who allowed me to take risks. It is important. “

Morales isn’t sure if audiences will see her next as an actress or a director, but she’s writing a screenplay with her friend and fellow actress, Cyrina Fiallo.

In the meantime, she said she could travel to New York to see a digital billboard for “Plan B” in Times Square. Or she could see the film at an in-person screening in Burbank and listen to the audience’s reaction to some of its disgusting scenes. “All I want is to be in a movie theater and hear people say ‘Ahhhhhhh!’ She said.

She was also warming to the very satisfying idea of ​​not having a follow-up mission at all.

“I’m going to lie in my bed for a while and do nothing,” Morales said. “I can’t wait to be left alone. I can’t wait for no one to need me.


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