Move over Tem, Michelle Ang is Disney + ‘s new Kiwi star – fr

Move over Tem, Michelle Ang is Disney + ‘s new Kiwi star – fr

SEE AGAIN: While notoriously fickle Star Wars fans are divided over the success of the prequel and subsequent trilogies, there is a part of the galaxy far, far away that has met with near universal acclaim.

First introduced on a theatrical release in 2008, the animation Clone wars series (between Episodes II and III live-action nonology) struck a chord with its all-action approach (no discussion of business negotiations there), the freedom of connected storytelling, awesome visuals, and a mix of new characters with fan favorite cameos.

Essentially, all of the elements that have now made The Mandalorian such a dazzling success.

Before ending his seventh season this time last year, he had started sowing spinoff seeds in the form of a story arc involving a group of “medically defective clones.”

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After this introduction, Team A– the inspired quintet – Wrecker, Hunter, Echo, Tech and Crosshair – now has their own series The bad lot (which starts airing on Disney + today, the most auspicious date on the Star Wars fan calendar – May 4).

In a special, nearly lengthy debut film (subsequent half-hour episodes debut every Friday), we meet the five genetically defective (who each possess special skills like brute strength, enhanced senses, and brain power. exceptional that other Clones can only dream of.) in the final days of the Clone Wars.

Obi Wan Kenobi approaches separatist General Grievous and a Republic victory seems assured. However, the group is stunned when their fellow clones suddenly start shooting their Jedi leader Deepa Billaba – all while babbling something about the execution of “Order 66”. But although Crosshair urges Hunter and the others to “follow orders” to take down Padewan Caleb, they are much more reluctant about this seemingly sudden change.

Kiwi Michelle Ang is the voice of Star Wars: The Bad Batch's Omega.
Kiwi Michelle Ang is the voice of Star Wars: The Bad Batch’s Omega.

It is only when they return to base that they find out what is really going on. Disfigured and angered by an assassination attempt, Chancellor Palpatine accused all Jedi of treason and reorganized the Republic into the “first galactic empire”, to ensure a “more secure and secure society”.

The overhaul also means the cloning program is under control, with Admiral Tarkin sent to execute the rule on their abilities. This includes Hunter and Company’s “Experimental Unit 99”, renowned as much for its “tendency to deviate from standard combat protocol” as it is for its “disturbing level of disobedience.” After barely escaping an oddly conducted combat aptitude test using live fire, Lot is ordered to Alderaan to neutralize a separatist threat – a mission that turns out to be or what they expected. and leads them to question the motivations of the new Empire.

While we’ve gotten used to the cod-Temuera Morrison accents of the traditional animated clones, what came as a surprise was the strong Kiwi inflection of a new prominent character. It turns out that young medical assistant Omega is voiced by none other than a former Outrageous Fortune and Neighbors star Michelle Ang. She is the undisputed star of the series and looks likely to play a big part in the events to come.

Other celebrity singers include Freddie Prinze Jnr, a teenage idiot, and The good womanArchie Panjabi, while Dee Bradley Baker does amazing things bringing virtually every clone to life, including every member of the lot.

Admiral Tarkin is one of the familiar faces to make an appearance in Star Wars: The Bad Batch.
Admiral Tarkin is one of the familiar faces to make an appearance in Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

With some familiar faces from Thief one making an appearance in this pilot, as well as promising popular characters from The Mandalorian and the main Skywalker film series on the horizon, there are plenty of reasons that even the most indifferent Star wars fan to try.

For hardcore, it’s best to take Hunter’s advice at Omega, “buckle up, you won’t want to miss this view.”

Star Wars: The Bad Lot begins streaming on Disney + on the evening of May 4.


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