Mount Sinai Sends Ventilators and PPE to India – fr

Mount Sinai Sends Ventilators and PPE to India – fr

NEW YORK CITY (WABC) – Mount Sinai Hospital sends life-saving supplies to India as COVID-19 cases pour in. On Monday, the hospital packed 25 ventilators and 100 sleep apnea devices that were converted to fans.
Medical facilities across India are getting the devices along with PPE and oxygen supplies Dr Ash Tewari says it all started when Mount Sinai released equipment and gave him the green light to send it in places in need.

From there, he began to acquire as many supplies as possible and build a network of people in the United States and India to help distribute them. “I think it’s very small for some kind of help, which we are doing, and I hope people will be inspired and try to acquire more of this equipment to help them in India right now” , said Dr Tewari.

The cargo is expected to arrive in Mumbai on Tuesday.

From there, the supplies will be dispersed to hospitals across the country.

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