Morrisons confirms new system in every supermarket – despite furious backlash from shoppers – fr

Morrisons confirms new system in every supermarket – despite furious backlash from shoppers – fr

British retailer Morrisons has launched a new program in all of its supermarkets.
The news comes after the supermarket giant faced an angry backlash from shoppers for changing the way its Morrisons More points system works.

Now Morrisons has introduced its new loyalty program – which is called “My Morrisons”.

From today all savings will be communicated in pounds sterling and can be spent immediately so customers no longer need to save their points or wait for vouchers.

The instant rewards-based program will come with a brand new app that will replace the need to carry a plastic card. Customers who prefer to use a physical card will still be able to use their existing card.

In addition to the personalized offers, the My Morrisons app will host all Morrisons online services including:, Food Boxes and the Morrisons Cafe Takeout Menu.

In the coming weeks, more features will be launched, including the ability for customers to give back to the community and surprise and fun “Bonus Cart” rewards.

Customers were first notified of the changes in March 2021 and will have until August 9 to redeem any unclaimed Morrisons More Fivers. They will then have 56 weeks to spend them.

Morrisons’ changes to the Morrisons More program weren’t accepted by everyone – and some shoppers even threatened to boycott the supermarket.

Responding to the news, one person fumed, “What about those of us who shop online – reading that vouchers can only be used in the store?

“I only recently switched to Morrison’s online store and already the 10% NHS discount has gone online… I guess maybe I’ll change supermarkets! “

A second agreed and wrote, “What about the people who don’t own phones and therefore cannot withdraw the money from the vouchers that have been loyal to Morrisons. my purchases from Aldi in the future. ”

Waseem Haq, Head of Digital Marketing at Morrisons, said: “The launch of My Morrisons allows us to do good things for our customers, rewarding them with instant offers every time they buy from Morrisons.

“Over the past 12 months, we have seen more and more of our customers use our apps and online services and we are excited to launch the new My Morrisons app for customers today. “


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