Morris Chestnut leaving “The Resident” – Barrett Cain in season 5 – fr

Morris Chestnut leaving “The Resident” – Barrett Cain in season 5 – fr

Dr Barrett Cain will get rid of The resident – or at least rub in a parcel less.

Morris Chestnut, who has been playing the polarizing neurosurgeon since Season 3 of the drama Fox, will not be returning as a series regular for its potential fifth season. Instead, the actor was selected to star opposite Chicago MedYaya DaCosta in Fox’s Upcoming Family Drama Our kind of people.

As per our sister site’s deadline, Chestnut has fulfilled its contractual obligation to The resident, but it will continue to spawn on the medical drama if it’s renewed for Season 5. (A formal renewal is likely imminent; keep an eye on our 2021 Renewal Dashboard for the latest news.)

It is not clear if Chestnut’s status change will be announced in The residentSeason 4 finale, broadcast Tuesday at 8 a.m. to 7 a.m. But if his Dr Cain Is making an outing, that wouldn’t be a total surprise: After Mina Okafor’s sudden return to Nigeria earlier this season, which was sparked by Cain, executive producer Andrew Chapman told TVLine that a confrontation between Dr Cain and Dr. Austin was imminent.

« [Dr. Austin is] facing the loss of the love of his life, he’s dealing with his mother’s illness, and now in the last two episodes he has to deal with the fact that here is this guy he blames a lot of his problems, ”Taquina Chapman. “They have to come to some kind of understanding, or one of them absolutely has to go.”

Chestnut pseudo-departure follows the exit of actress Shaunette Renée Wilson, completely gone The resident in April, when Mina returned home to Africa. “After careful consideration, I approached the producers a while ago to ask them to quit the show and they agreed – and gave my character a wonderful sendoff,” Wilson said at the time. “I am grateful to them for allowing me to embody such a beautiful soul as Dr Mina Okafor.”


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