Morocco recalls its ambassador to Germany over Western Sahara

Morocco recalls its ambassador to Germany over Western Sahara

Morocco has recalled its ambassador to Germany for consultations in protest against what it described as Berlin’s “destructive attitude” towards Rabat’s position on the question of Western Sahara.
The Moroccan Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Thursday: “Germany has distanced itself from the spirit of constructive solution with a destructive attitude on the issue of the Moroccan Sahara. “

The ministry also accused Germany of engaging in “antagonistic activism” after the United States in December recognized Moroccan sovereignty over the territory, which is also claimed as an independent state by the Front Polisario movement backed by Algeria.

Washington’s move, which was part of an agreement that also involved strengthening diplomatic relations between Morocco and Israel, prompted Germany to call a meeting of the United Nations Security Council to discuss the matter.

In March, Morocco ordered all government departments and bodies to refrain from cooperation and contact with the German embassy and German political organizations.

Morocco also said that Germany disclosed sensitive information provided by Moroccan security services to “an individual previously convicted of acts of terrorism”.

He did not name the individual, nor elaborate on the charges.

And the ministry said Germany was showing “continued determination to counter Morocco’s regional influence, especially on the Libyan question,” after Morocco was not included in important peace talks in Libya. in Berlin in January.

Morocco has played a role in Libyan diplomatic negotiations over the past year by hosting talks between members of rival parliamentary groups.

The Algerian-backed Polisario Front fought for the independence of Western Sahara after Morocco annexed the former Spanish colony in 1975. UN peacekeepers are now monitoring a ceasefire 30 years old between Moroccan forces and Polisario supporters.


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