Morocco, Greece and France Are Dream Wedding Destinations, According to Pinterest

Morocco, Greece and France Are Dream Wedding Destinations, According to Pinterest

Morocco tops a list of Pinterest users’ dream destinations to get married. – Photo Shutterstock via ETX Studio

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NEW YORK, May 28 A new report based on data from the social network Pinterest reveals the most attractive destinations for a wedding, according to pinners. Morocco occupies the first place, followed by Greece and France.

Does France still have the reputation of being the country of love and romanticism? The answer appears to be yes, according to the latest report by credit comparison company The report compiled Pinterest data and reveals the list of the most popular destinations for users. And, while the ceremonies have been postponed due to the pandemic, the bride and groom or aspirants are still planning and dreaming. Many have created tables to pin their favorite wedding destinations. The report counted them by destination and made a top 20.

An ambiance of lanterns and jewelry tones is popular with Morocco in the first place. Next comes Greece, with its pretty cliffside villages. It is then France which climbs on the third step of the podium, probably in large part thanks to Paris, which has retained its status as a city of romance. More seaside destinations such as Mexico, Bali and Fiji are also included, landing in 5th, 6th and 10th position respectively.

The best wedding destinations

1. Morocco

2. Greece

3. France

4. Italy

5. Mexico

6. Bali

7. Ireland

8. Australia

9. New Zealand

10. Fiji

11. Canada

12. England

13. Ibiza
14. Scotland

15. Thailand

16. Spain

17. Portugal

18. United States

19. Bahamas

20. Wales

Meanwhile, when you look at the states of the United States, California is on top with its varied landscapes and iconic cities.

Harry Potter is a very trendy theme

Fun fact: In the same report, the top user themes are ranked. And perhaps surprisingly, a Harry Potter theme comes first, followed closely by “vintage”. Third, there is “earthly marriage”, with visions of ceremonies held in the midst of nature. – ETX studio


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