More than 20 arrests and three police officers injured as senior policeman denounces “shameful behavior” by Rangers fans in downtown – fr

Cops ‘use their powers’ to disperse Ranger fans after chaos erupts through Glasgow streets – fr

More than 20 people were arrested and three cops injured last night amid ‘shameful behavior’ after thousands of Rangers fans marched into Glasgow city center to celebrate the Prime Minister’s victory.
Police officers in riot gear were bombarded with missiles and flares and were attacked as they tried to clear George Square last night by supporters who refused to leave the central plaza.

Using special powers for coronaviruses, cops said the crowd was getting “more and more messy” with smoke bombs and they had been faced with “violence”.

Fighting was also seen in the streets, with video showing a man allegedly beaten and stamped on Queen Street.

Police keep order

Earlier today, thousands of Light Blues fans gathered in front of Ibrox as their team squarely beat Aberdeen 4-0 and lifted the Premiership trophy.

Photos showed fans hanging from the gates and lampposts nearby around the stadium before many made their way to the city center.

Dozens of supporters were seen launching flares and waving flags as they made their way from Ibrox to George Square.

Scottish police earlier revealed that they had refused the parade request from Rangers Stadium.

The huge rallies have taken place despite warnings from police, senior politicians and club leaders as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

Only Glasgow and Moray will remain at a higher restriction level on Monday amid fears of a spread of the new Indian variant.

Thousands of people flocked to George Square

Chief Superintendent Mark Sutherland, Scottish Police Division Commander for Greater Glasgow, blasted the scenes last night saying they “clearly endanger the public”.

He said: “During the evening of Saturday, May 15, 2021, Rangers supporters continued to gather and celebrate the handover of the League Championship trophy in George Square.

‘Throughout the day, Scottish Police had handled the rally appropriately addressing anti-social behavior and encouraging dispersal under the Scottish Government’s coronavirus regulations.

“As the celebrations continued, sections of the crowd became increasingly disorderly, property was damaged and people assaulted.

The crowd was “largely peaceful” but some arrests were made.

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“Our officers have become the center of the crowd’s attention with missiles and flares. Our police response has been proportionate. We have responded appropriately and consistently to the behavior of those gathered.

“This shameful behavior which clearly endangered the safety of the public and the officers could not be tolerated and the officers dressed in all public order equipment and, after receiving appropriate warnings, moved to disperse the people. present.

“Although most of those present dispersed, a number remained and confronted the officers with violence and aggression.

“Missiles were launched and officers were attacked directly as George Square and the surrounding area was cleared.

“I strongly condemn the behavior of those supporters who not only put our officers at risk, but who sought to damage the image and reputation of this great city, especially during this critical period of the pandemic.

“I would like to express my thanks to the police and partners who handled this incident, especially the officers who put themselves in danger to end this violent and disorderly gathering.

Flares have been launched

“So far we know that three policemen have been injured and more than 20 people have been arrested.

“We will continue our investigations and my message is clear that if you were involved in these horrific scenes, you will be identified and arrested. “


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