More than 100 pharmacies in Toronto have yet to receive promised supply of AstraZeneca vaccine with expiration in days –

More than 100 pharmacies in Toronto have yet to receive promised supply of AstraZeneca vaccine with expiration in days – fr

More than 100 pharmacies in Toronto have yet to receive the promised supply of the AstraZeneca vaccine and the head of the Ontario Pharmacists Association says the delay could cause some doses to expire before they can be used.

People who received an AstraZeneca vaccine between March 10 and March 19 became eligible to make an appointment for a second dose earlier this week, but Ontario Pharmacists Association CEO Justin Bates told CP24 that most participating pharmacies in Toronto have not yet received their vaccines, other than some Shoppers Drug Mart locations that have their own distribution network.

He says the delay is due to a quality assurance process in which each vial of vaccine is inspected by public health officials to make sure they haven’t spoiled while sitting in a refrigerator over the past two weeks.

The problem is that the delays come with 31,000 doses of the vaccine that will expire after May 31.

“We expected the majority of stores in Toronto, over 100 of them, to receive supplies today and unfortunately we are on hold and this really presents challenges for pharmacists who need to make appointments. you for today and tomorrow knowing it’s a very short trail before those doses expire on Monday, ”he said. “It certainly introduces a risk of waste. We have already had to cancel appointments booked for yesterday as there is uncertainty about the time and their arrival. “

Bates said the roughly 100 pharmacies in Toronto scheduled to receive the vaccines will receive an average of 150 doses each, meaning the delays affect a “significant” number of vials.

He said he hoped the doses would start arriving in pharmacies tomorrow, but doesn’t know for a fact.

The delays come in an already turbulent rollout with many people now eligible for a second dose of the vaccine complaining of a lack of clarity on how to get an appointment.

In an interview with CTV News Channel earlier Wednesday, Bates said only 160 pharmacies in Toronto, Kingston and Windsor will receive doses, up from 325 during the initial pilot in March.

He said the gap, due to supply, will likely make it difficult for some people to make an appointment, especially in cases where the pharmacy where they received their first dose did not receive a vaccine.

“We have about a third of the supply that matches the 90,000 people who received the vaccine in pharmacies during that nine-day period in March, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all deal. People will also be eligible when they reach their regular 12 week interval, ”he said. “I think people are panicking right now, partly because they’re worried if they don’t get it in the next five days they’re out of luck. But this is simply not the case. We’re going to make sure we manage and accommodate everyone who wants a second dose. “

The Ford government had to increase second doses for a small cohort of people after temporarily suspending use of AstraZeneca over concerns about a risk of rare but potentially fatal blood clots.

The Ontario government has said it expects to receive an additional 254,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine in about two weeks.

He has not yet indicated who will be eligible to receive these vaccines.


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