More detailed renderings of the Pixel 6 show camera design and display specs – fr

More detailed renderings of the Pixel 6 show camera design and display specs – fr

Pixel 6 leaks are coming fast and furiously. After Jon Prosser debuted the new Pixel 6 design last week, another source came forward to corroborate the design: OnLeaks. The venerable leaker has produced renderings for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro with new details and specs. OnLeaks has a great track record of creating accurate early renders, especially for Pixel devices. These renderings are based on CAD files that OnLeaks somehow acquired; files are usually transmitted early so that accessory manufacturers can be ready for launch.

OnLeaks says the bigger Pixel 6 (observers have used to calling it the “Pro” model) has a 6.67-inch display with curved sides to the left and right. Prosser’s rendering does not offer information about the camera system and simply shows three fictitious lenses on the “Pro” model. OnLeaks assigns one of the cameras a telephoto periscope but does not have details on the other two. Besides the three cameras and an LED flash, we see three sensors scattered around the camera bump, as well as a microphone just above the LED flash.

A normal three-camera layout would include a “wide-angle” main camera, a telephoto camera, and an ultra-wide-angle camera – that’s probably a safe guess here. Those two sensors just above the first two camera lenses also look a lot like the layout of a laser autofocus system.
OnLeaks provides “rough” measurements down to a tenth of a millimeter; the larger model is 163.9mm x 75.8mm and 8.9mm thick across most of the body, or 11.5mm thick if you include the camera bump. The camera bump looks very high.

The smaller Pixel 6 gets two rear cameras and a 6.4-inch flat screen. Renderings from OnLeaks show measurements of 158.6mm x 74.8mm x 8.9mm and 11.8mm thick, including the camera bump. OnLeaks says both models will have wireless charging, an in-display fingerprint reader, stereo speakers (a bottom-trigger speaker and earpiece), and a USB-C port. .

We still have no idea of ​​the specs except that the phones will feature Google’s custom “Whitechapel” SoC. The Pixel 4 was a high-end phone but was poorly received inside and outside Google. It was taken off the market faster than any other Pixel, after just nine and a half months. The Pixel 5 then went on to become a mid-range phone instead of a high-end flagship. It’s unclear where Google wants to position the Pixel 6, but periscope cameras are usually reserved for high-end devices.

These phones have been rendered to death, so now we can start the countdown for hands-on photos.


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