Mom said there would be games like this which is great because winning rules –

Mom said there would be games like this which is great because winning rules – fr

Intellectually, anyone could recognize that the last three series were not so much a mirage as they were a confluence of utter nonsense. Between the no-hitter, back-to-back sweeps, Jarred Kelenic’s slow start and tonight’s starter Logan Gilbert, the ignobility of being the kid club displays of MLB’s current low-contact attacking environment, and the mix of traditional injuries and COVID-19 related downtime, it was a disheartening week in M’sville, just a week and a half into the season in many ways. But last night’s win and tonight’s back-to-back 4-3 win was a desperately needed injection of what this season could and can be.

The young players that so many rides led the charge on tonight, because once again the Seattle Mariners lineup looked pretty much like the internet’s favorite three-headed dragon.

And yet, from the bottom of last weekend, the viability of the lineup appears to have increased by leaps and bounds. Tonight was another showcase for the top six in the order, although Tom Murphy registered with a key double that led to a run and allowed him to score. Jarred Kelenic crushed four baseballs, two of which found the Oakland Great Lawn. Mitch Haniger had a quiet night at home, but pulled off an excellent wall jump hold down center right to keep the game tied at the end of the eighth. Kyle Lewis hit a single and had one of the best catches of the M’s young season to keep at least two points off the board and continue to make Ramon Laureano pretty sad.

The fire shown by Kelenic, Haniger and Lewis has been a pleasant bonus to their relentless play over the past two games, as if all three recognize that they are not only de facto leaders of the club as some of their most talented talents. announced, but that they are absolutely vital to the success of the team and were in fact their core business tonight.

Ty France and JP Crawford took part in a team throw of four singles and a double bloop, which remains a wonderful path to success for both players, as very different as their tools. It’s always easy to worry about over-attributing blame when a player has an obvious injury and their performance declines afterwards, but the swings France have exhibited since returning from IL for his wrist injury seem much more comfortable, and its ability to throw a barrel. the ball on a line – absent for the two weeks or so before its throw – appears to be back in action. Crawford, for his part, might be better served by simply never bothering to put the barrel on the baseball, as long as he continues to spray soft line workouts. His Dee Gordon-esque pop would be a major drop-off concern for many players, but the defensive threshold he hit, again flawless tonight, makes him a clearly positive player, even with just a bat. poor.

Those are your four points, and neither Eric Campbell and Jack Mayfield contributed much to the dish, but seven players did! The seven most important in the lineup, those who were here more than three weeks ago and (several at least) have a chance to be here in three years! This that’s what I was looking forward to seeing this year, and winning is of course a good way to top it off.

On the throwing side, Logan Gilbert once again looked both promising and inconsistent, making his third big league start and fourth start to the season. He worked four innings, gave up only two runs, struck out four and didn’t walk. Tonight’s outing was a classic example of control but not necessarily command, as Gilbert struggled to hold onto his brittle balls after a promising first set. Still, working his good heater on both sides of the plate in the end, Gilbert avoided disaster. Kate and I were discussing the somewhat early hook he received, before facing 9-1-2 in Oakland’s Order, and she noted that this was treatment Justin Dunn had received in particular. , letting it work on some but pulling on the front plug. things are getting out of hand, especially since everyone is still working mid-season. Gilbert’s ability to avoid putting runners on for free has been vital, even with his poor start, and I hope that can continue as he regains his form.

The paddock was unfortunately called upon early on but, thanks to the aforementioned defensive shine, it surprisingly rose to the challenge. Paul Sewald and Kyle Lewis got Oakland completely off the field, while JT Chargois and his ottoman limited the damage.

Anthony Misiewicz served as a rickety wooden bridge with missing planks over an icy chasm for Rafael Montero, who pulled off an absolutely stunning Houdini act, one night after almost losing his mind and without a safety net at Fort leverage behind it. While they hardly beat Seth Brown at the base one way or another, Montero and the M’s escaped with a win they most deserved, and a series win over the Oakland Athletics which they pretty much won. More like that, boy.


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