Moderna says 2 million more COVID-19 doses will arrive by the week of June 14 –

Vaccine deliveries could be lower than forecast next month, new logistics commander says – fr

Public Services and Procurement Minister Anita Anand said today that vaccine maker Moderna has confirmed that two million more doses will arrive in Canada over the next two weeks, with “millions” to follow. at the end of June.
Even with this new commitment, Moderna is still a long way from keeping its promise to deliver 12.3 million doses between April and June.

The Massachusetts-based company has been quiet in recent weeks about how many hits it will send to Canada as it grapples with production issues at factories across Europe.

Anand said 500,000 doses will be delivered during the week of May 31, with 1.5 million more to follow by June 14.

Until today, the federal government has said it was unable to provide a firm delivery schedule – beyond the commitment that “millions” of Moderna photos would arrive in the coming months.

Brig.-Gen. Krista Brodie, the military vaccine logistics officer, said last week that Canada may receive fewer doses than originally planned due to ongoing production delays.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Anand had said between 48 and 50 million snapshots of AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna and Pfizer would be delivered by the end of June. Brodie said last week that the figure is now probably closer to 40 million.

Moderna has pledged to ship 14.3 million doses to Canada in the first six months of this year. So far, it has only delivered 5.6 million.

Public Services and Procurement Canada Minister Anita Anand oversees the unloading of COVID-19 vaccines from a cargo plane with members of the Canada Border Services Agency in Montreal on Sunday, December 13, 2020. (The Canadian Press / HO-Canadian Armed Forces-Cpl Matthew Tower)

The new deliveries announced on Thursday bring the total number of doses delivered and confirmed shipments to 7.6 million, meaning the company will need to send 6.7 million doses in the last two weeks of June to meet its contractual obligations. . Moderna has never shipped so many pictures to Canada in two weeks.

Anand said Moderna promised to “speed up” its deliveries in the last half of June. “We will provide further updates as additional deliveries are confirmed by the company,” Anand said in a media statement, adding that Canada is still on track to administer the first doses of vaccine to all those who want one by the end of June.

The mRNA from the Massachusetts company is the second most frequently used COVID-19 vaccine in Canada.

The company – which had never brought a drug to market before – has struggled to meet the insatiable global demand for its vaccine.

Although Canada was among the first countries to sign a supply agreement with Moderna, the company had to cancel deliveries or deliveries at later dates because it had production issues.

With the US government investing heavily in preliminary research and development for this product, Moderna had to send a number of doses into the US market – an obligation that resulted in reduced shipments to other countries.

The company, which has few facilities on its own, relies on third-party finishing and filling companies to manufacture its products and ship them overseas.


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