MK2 launches the Paradiso hotel; Paris Venue has a cinema in every room – Deadline – fr

MK2 launches the Paradiso hotel; Paris Venue has a cinema in every room – Deadline – fr

Now that France’s borders are about to open up to travelers from across Europe and the United States, there is an intriguing new accommodation option in Paris for moviegoers – and the industrialists who may be. be a stopover before or after the Cannes Film Festival in July.

The Hotel Paradiso, a four-star establishment which presents itself as “the first cinema-hotel”, is open in the 12th arrondissement of the capital. In addition to the MK2 exhibition circuit, the hotel’s 34 rooms each have laser projectors and giant screens (“bigger than the bed”). There are also two suites equipped with private screening rooms. Soon a karaoke lounge, podcast studio and outdoor cinema rooftop terrace will open. To wink at the movies, customers should dial 007 to reach the front desk.

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The hotel is located above MK2’s six-screen Nation multiplex and offers views of giant murals painted by artist (and collaborator of Agnes Varda) JR, depicting Charlie Chaplin in The child and Harold Lloyd in Safety last!

The hotel is the idea of ​​brothers Nathanaël and Elisha Karmitz, producers and directors of MK2 whose father Marin Karmitz founded MK2 in 1974. The chain currently has 26 cinemas in Paris and Spain and is the largest art network -house in France and the first network in Andalusia. Launched by MK2 in the early 2010s, the Paradiso brand aims to create life experiences around cinema.

The hotel opened on March 1 of this year and despite Covid restrictions (which will ease in May and June), it has been practically full ever since as Parisians have sought accommodation opportunities. Elisha Karmitz told Deadline that after the hotel smoothly launched in March, April was at 92% capacity.

A search for availability ahead of the current July Cannes Film Festival dates shows basic rooms start at just under 200 euros a night while cinema suites are booked. Are you planning to go to Paris a day or two after Cannes? Same situation, although the base price drops by around 50 euros.

After the reopening of French cinemas on May 19, hotel guests will receive a cinema ticket with their rooms. The rooftop terrace is also slated to begin operations on May 19. There is also a private glass box above one of MK2 Nation’s auditoriums which will be available for hire.

Karmitz says the goal is to eventually expand the Hotel Paradiso brand to other locations.


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