MJF opens up about potential move to WWE when contract expires – fr

MJF opens up about potential move to WWE when contract expires – fr

Crédit photo: All Elite Wrestling

One of AEW’s biggest stars is undeniably MJF who recently made an even bigger name on Blood & Guts last week. During his recent chat with Steel Chair Magazine, MJF was asked if he would ever consider moving to WWE in 2024 when his contract with AEW expires.

He said, “My boys and I are ready to go wherever the money is, it’s that simple. Don’t get me wrong AEW is deep in me, I don’t want to leave, but I’m a businessman at the end of the day, and I can’t help myself if someone has an offer for me, I »I will listen to him. I’m a prodigy but people have been saying that about me since I was born and the reason it doesn’t shock me, but it shocks everyone is because, let’s face it, there is ageism in this world. When people hear the number 25 they think, ‘Oh, this person probably doesn’t have his ducks in a row, he’s probably immature, he’s probably not ready for a big opportunity.’

MJF said he thinks everyone sees him as a lead contender even now, instead of just 25 years old still climbing the ranks. He said, “I’m going to be able to demand a bigger purse. This is why I love groups, but more importantly the reason I love my group is that I have never been in a group where I have had so many like-minded men, so many of people with winning attitudes. I’m surrounded by winners, and that’s why personally you can say that in my career I’ve been in a lot of bands, I’ve been in a lot of factions, that’s because it’s the smart thing to do and also it’s because i’m a very nice guy and i have a lot of friends. I can’t help myself, I am Salt of the Earth. I feel like now when people talk about MJF it’s not like, “Dude, he’s awesome for 25 years”. It stops, thank God. It only took a year and a half for people who have to do mental gymnastics pretending I’m not the best in the world. Now people just say MJF is awesome, period, and I’m very proud of it.

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