Midnight Mania! Khabib describes complicated relationship with Tony Ferguson in autobiography – fr

Midnight Mania! Khabib describes complicated relationship with Tony Ferguson in autobiography – fr

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Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson is the greatest lightweight fight that has ever been. Reserved only five times to crumble in each round, the fight is widely regarded as cursed, and that will certainly never happen now with retired Khabib and Ferguson struggling.

However, with Ferguson fighting Beneil Dariush tomorrow night at UFC 262, discussions about the potential match have once again emerged – in large part because of Ferguson’s endless speeches on “The Eagle.” As a result, sections of Khabib’s 2019 autobiography KHABIBTIME – who, I think I’m talking about for most of us, I never knew existed – describing his relationship with “El Cucuy” has spread on Twitter and Reddit.

One excerpt says, “Sometimes I felt a certain gratitude towards the guy. I have already written that my desire to come back after three serious injuries and almost decided to end my career was ignited because of my overwhelming impulse to meet El Cucuy and hit him on the head to watch the life differently.

Aside from his desire to give Ferguson a life-changing beating, Nurmagomedov described his rival as a “brazen thug.” Additionally, Nurmagomedov described his confusion when interacting with Ferguson and his incessant garbage talk. Even giving Ferguson props for his fighting skills, Nurmagomedov notes his “particular disregard for Ferguson as a person.”

While it’s a shame that we never got to see these two fall into their prime, it’s a fascinating glimpse into the spirit of “The Eagle”.


Gregor Gillespie hits Conor McGregor where it hurts:

Nick Diaz and Tyson Fury is a very unlikely connection – but somehow understandable.

Is Islam Makhachev a future champion?

I have nothing to add, it’s just a great photo.

A small tattoo:

There is beef between Chechens MMA and MMA Dagestani – especially with Khamzat Chiimaev offering to beat Khabib – which sounds both exciting and terrifying.

“El Cucuy” is dangerous.

Briefs, rips and knockout clips

Thanks to Kalista: it’s incredibly daring to attempt a pullback and twist rather than just throwing a few more punches and ending the fight from a flattened rear mount. Ballsy!

There is a lot of debate online as to whether this is a punch. My recommendation: if someone walks towards you aggressively, know that they can punch you!

These two were fighting WILD!

Random terrain

The average person is extremely deceived about their ability to fight anything, let alone a wild animal … including me, who definitely thinks he could handle a kangaroo (and surely is wrong).

Midnight Music: Jordan randomly hit me with the title line for the next track today, so we had to blow it up. Art!

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts craze is still going on.


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