Mid-air crash plane lands safely despite roof tearing off – fr

Mid-air crash plane lands safely despite roof tearing off – fr

The pilot deployed the onboard parachute in order to land safely (Photo: South Metro Fire Service)

A pilot managed to safely land a cargo plane with the roof torn off in a mid-air collision with another plane.

Remarkably, no one was injured in the fatal crash thousands of feet above the ground in the airspace over Denver, Colo. On Wednesday. The two small planes were preparing to land at a Denver airport when they collided in the sky, according to the National Transportation Safety Board.

The in-flight crash left one of the planes, a green Key Lime Air twin-engine cargo plane, with a massive hole in its roof and the interior of the plane split open.

But incredibly, the pilot, who was flying alone, was able to deploy the parachute on board and land safely at the nearby Centennial Airport, according to Arapahoe Sherriff County Deputy John Bartmann.

The two planes collided mid-air over the Cheery Creek Reservoir in Colo. On Wednesday (Photo: KDVR)
Fortunately, no one was injured (Photo: Taildragger Pilots United)
Pilot lands safely after plane nearly cut in half in mid-air collision

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A pilot and passenger in the other plane, a Cirrus SR22 single-engine aircraft, also landed safely after deploying their parachute to float on the ground.

Photos of the most damaged aircraft after landing show how the aircraft’s rear fuselage sustained significant damage in the crash. The interior of the aircraft can be seen lying around with the interior fully exposed.

The National Transportation Safety Board said it was opening an investigation into the incident.

Flight tracking websites show the planes collided as they both turned to parallel runways at Centennial Airport in Denver.

According to the Colorado Sun, the Key Lime Air aircraft was cleared to land on runway 17 around the same time, the smaller red and white Cirrus aircraft was also cleared to land on a parallel runway. The messages were transmitted on various air traffic control frequencies, the outlet reported.

Two planes collided in midair over Cheery Creek Reservoir on Wednesday, according to South Metro Fire Rescue.  The ministry said they were responding to the crash near Belleview Avenue and Cherry Creek Drive in a tweet around 10:30 a.m.  The two planes cut each other, according to SMFR.  One Cirrus SR-22 fell near the Cheery Creek Reservoir in a field and the other, a Key Lime Air Metroliner Jet, landed at Centennial Airport without any problem.  No injuries were reported as a result of the incident.  According to FlightAware, the crashed plane was a single-engine Cirrus SR-22.  There were two people on this plane.  The Cirrus SR-22 was lowered safely to the ground by a parachute.  This was most likely the CAPS (Cirrus Airframe Parachute System) device, which is a rocket-powered parachute system that slows the entire aircraft down to land.  There was no fire or fuel spill.  The plane had taken off from Centennial Airport.

A red and white Cirrus SR-22 fell near the Cheery Creek Reservoir in a field and the other, a Key Lime Air Metroliner Jet, landed at Centennial Airport (Photo: South Metro Fire Rescue)

The Cirrus pilots were warned not to head too far east and to stay towards the west end of Cherry Creek Reservoir as they approached landing.

Air traffic control warned the Cirrus that the Key Lime Air plane was nearby, but moments later the planes collided.

“Looks like the right engine has failed, so I’m going to continue my landing,” the Key Lime Air pilot said, apparently not realizing the collision had occurred.

Another pilot then called the air traffic controllers to say that they had seen the Cirrus with its parachute deployed, indicating that there had been a collision.

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