Mickie James opens up about Eva Marie returning to WWE after outings – fr

Mickie James opens up about Eva Marie returning to WWE after outings – fr

Mickie James appeared on Oral sessions with Renee Paquette to talk about a wide range of topics after his exit from WWE last month. One of them was the return of Eva Marie, who announced WWE last Monday. CRU she was going back to the business.

Marie worked for WWE from 2013 until her release in August 2017. James felt it was impressive of Marie to come out of WWE and stay relevant all those years later. Enough for WWE to bring her back in 2021.

“Honestly, I think it’s amazing that she was able to walk away and stay relevant, renown and almost excel on the outside,” James said. “Not everyone does that. I don’t think his ability to fight was ever his strength. I know she worked at NXT on stuff. Then I do not know. I don’t think wrestling was ever his thing. I feel like there has always been – even going back to old school wrestling – that there is a role for everyone and not everyone has to be a five star wrestler, or whatever, and have dream matches. It doesn’t have to be a thing, if their character is strong and they can sell tickets, get grades, I guess it works. “

The reported reason for this year’s releases was due to budget cuts, and many fans saw the hypocrisy of releasing a group of people just to bring someone new. James felt this was normal as WWE usually debuts new talent after WrestleMania.

“It’s ironic because to the fans they say, ‘Well you just had all these budget cuts, you let all these people go, and you debut with someone else,’ he said. James said. “But they always make their debut with new talent after WrestleMania, as well as. “

Ultimately, James said she respected Marie for what she did outside of the business and that if Marie could get it right, she would receive a lot of warmth from the fans.

“She’s beautiful and gorgeous, and I have a lot of respect in the sense that she has a million followers and was able to change her name and really do something else besides wrestling once she’s gone,” James said. “As an entrepreneur – and I always watch things – I completely respect that side of her. If she can capitalize on all that heat and just say, “Yeah? Therefore?’ This is where the real one – everyone will hate her and it will be great for her.

As noted, following Marie’s return thumbnail on CRU, James posted a tweet with “mind blowing” and “laughing” emojis. She did not confirm whether these were directly related to Eva or not.


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