Mickey Rourke crap on Marvel while praising Law & Order: SVU – fr

Mickey Rourke crap on Marvel while praising Law & Order: SVU – fr

Well tell us how you really feel. Mickey Rourke took to his Instagram page to express his newfound love for Law and order: SVU while taking a peek at the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Rourke revealed in the Instagram post that he discovered SVU during the COVID-19 lockdown, which makes perfect sense because SVU is an easily frenetic spectacle. I understand. Rourke says he looked “1000 of them” and he took the time to congratulate various cast members including Mariska Hargitay, Christopher Meloni and BD Wong, among others. Then suddenly, at the end of his rant, Rourke decided to take a hit at Marvel because he obviously still has sour feelings about IRON MAN 2. Here is what he had to say:

“What’s especially nice is watching the merchandise from this exceptional group of actors… I guess if it wasn’t for this lockdown I would probably never see this show, but since doing all my practice lifting into my living room, my television was on full lock and I was able to experience this fabulous sight. Respect to all of you, the work you all do is real acting, not like that shit all over Marvel s ***. ”

Rourke has a history with the MCU but it wasn’t pleasant. The Oscar nominated actor played villainous Ivan Vanko in the 2010s Iron man 2 as he emerged from an Oscar nomination and good critical reviews for Wrestler. The film revived his career which saw him cast alongside Robert Downey Jr. Iron man 2. It should have been a joyful experience, but over the years Rourke has criticized Marvel, most notably during a 2014 appearance on Late at night with Seth Meyers. During the interview, Rourke said he was “Not a Marvel fan” and he went on to suggest that they removed much of his performance from Iron man 2 saying “I once made a movie for Marvel and they cut everything. “

It’s no secret that Iron man 2 suffered from some behind-the-scenes issues. The MCU was still in its infancy and they were all trying to bring it together. It’s not entirely clear what part of Mickey Rourke’s performance was left on the cutting room floor, but after giving him a recent watch last year, it appears his character is underdeveloped as many of his scenes hit the cutting room floor. Rourke is obviously still salty about the experience, but I guess he’s entitled to feel kind of a thing about it.

But let’s not look at the negative and focus on the positive. If you are on Law and order: SVU you should be glad you got the winning approval from Mickey Rourke who is like the rest of us just watching SVU reruns during quarantine. I’m pretty sure if Dick Wolf and his company sees his post on Instagram, he might even be able to secure a guest spot. Ask your people to call their people.

What do you think of Mickey Rourke’s Instagram post?


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