Mickey Callaway to be ineligible by at least 2022 –

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15h33: The angels sent Callaway away.
15h04: Major League Baseball has placed Angels pitching coach Mickey Callaway on its ineligibility list at least until the 2022 season, Commissioner Rob Manfred has announced. The league made the decision after investigating Callaway for harassment allegations that had been made against him.

Manfred issued a statement about it, saying: “My office has completed its investigation into the allegations of sexual harassment by Mickey Callaway. Having considered all of the available evidence, I find that Mr. Callaway violated MLB policies, and that the ineligible list placement is warranted. We would like to thank the many people who cooperated with our Department of Investigation (DOI) in their work, which covered Mr. Callaway’s positions in three different clubs. The clubs that employed Mr. Callaway all cooperated fully with DOI, including providing emails and helping identify key witnesses. Harassment has no place in Major League Baseball and we are committed to providing a suitable work environment for everyone involved in our game.

The allegations against Callaway were first revealed in a report by Brittany Ghiroli and Katie Strang of The Athletic, who explained that five women in sports media accused him of obscene behavior. The Angels subsequently suspended Callaway, and Ghiroli, Strang, and co-worker Ken Rosenthal quickly reported that even more women had come forward to make allegations against Callaway. In one case, Callaway allegedly had an extramarital affair with a woman whose husband discovered and briefed Cleveland President of Baseball Operations Chris Antonetti and General Manager Mike Chernoff. The husband also contacted another former Callaway employer, the Mets, to file a complaint, but nothing was done at the time.

In response to the reports, Callaway admitted in March to several “Infidelities” but argued that some of the reports were “Inaccurate. “ He also denied using his position to harass women, but the MLB concluded otherwise during its lengthy investigation. Now Callaway faces a year plus ban, and it seems hard to believe that the entire MLB team will hire him when he’s eligible to come back.


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