Michelle Heaton Says Husband Was ‘Single Parent’ Amid Drug Addiction Battle –

Michelle Heaton Says Husband Was ‘Single Parent’ Amid Drug Addiction Battle – fr

Michelle Heaton bravely spoke out about her alcohol and drug addiction.
The 41-year-old singer, who shares two children with her husband Hugh Hanley, admitted his other half was like a “single parent” in the midst of his three-year battle.

The former Liberty X star, who shares a nine-year-old daughter and seven-year-old son with Hugh, admitted she felt like a “bad mother” during this incredibly difficult time.

Opening up about how her addiction affected her family, Michelle told The Sun, “I felt like a bad mother – the worst. I am so lucky to have two beautiful children.

“They just wanna see mom well and they wanna have fun mom. They want me to play football with them, they want me to style their hair.

“It was those simple things that I wasn’t able to give them. “

The singer then admitted that her battle with drug addiction had greatly affected her marriage to Hugh, and her secret to trying to hide her symptoms had led her to believe she was being unfaithful.

She said: “My husband wondered if I would be alive when he woke up. I didn’t have an affair, but I was in love with alcohol. Yet he supported me all the time. I would not have stayed with me, I do not know how he is still there. If he was gone, that would have been the tipping point for me.

Michelle then admitted that it was her friend Katie Price who helped her change her life when her addiction hit rock bottom.

Katie, along with some of Michelle’s closest family and friends, booked her into the Priory and paid for her four week stay to overcome her drug and alcohol addiction.

Michelle admitted that while she was in the rehab center she texted Katie saying “You saved my life”.

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