Michael Tarver not sure why John Cena tried to bury him in WWE – fr

Michael Tarver not sure why John Cena tried to bury him in WWE – fr

Michael Tarver still doesn’t know why John Cena put a target on his back in WWE.

Tarver was a recent guest on VOC Nation’s Talkin ‘Sass podcast and spoke about his WWE career, including how he thought Cena was working behind the scenes to destroy his career.

“Behind the scenes, it was relentless. There were times when he took liberties in the ring then (I had to defend myself)…. It was Cena. I have no more heat with him now, I make jokes about it. There was a target on my back. I don’t know why he targeted me, but it is. We found each other on good terms (but) I had to defend myself a lot. Everyone was high on me, then suddenly they all turned on me. People wouldn’t shake my hand – they didn’t even want to talk to me… ”

Tarver also spoke about how it mirrors the WWE system and things could easily fall apart for top developmental talent.

“The irony of how WWE works, you could be the developing man or woman, and (when you) get to the main roster, no matter how good you are, if any of the people principals do not like you, they will do all they can to bury you…. I got to the main roster and just got buried.

Tarver said he had lawyers behind the scenes who advised him to “weather the storm” and who spoke on his behalf.

“I thank God for people like Mark Henry and Teddy Long. Mark Henry pushed me aside a lot (and told me to) weather the storm. “You have heat right now, you just have to survive the storm. MVP would give me great advice, Matt Hardy has always been really cool. (They were saying) “You only get that kind of heat because there’s really something there. “

Tarver had previously accused Cena of intentionally trying to break his arm in the ring. He worked for WWE from 2008-2011.

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