Miami Heat clinches NBA playoff berth with 129-121 win over Boston Celtics – fr

Miami Heat clinches NBA playoff berth with 129-121 win over Boston Celtics – fr

The Miami Heat officially clinched a playoff berth tonight with a 129-121 win over the Boston Celtics to sweep the back-to-back set and avoid the play-in tournament.

The Boston Celtics set the tone early by scoring five easy points, but a strange injury to Kemba Walker would slow their momentum – albeit briefly. Evan Fournier would control the Celtics’ attack, but the Heat were not silent. Solid play from Kendrick Nunn and Bam Adebayo kept Miami one step forward.

Kemba returned to the game and immediately started scoring for the Celtics. But Jimmy Butler’s exterior shoot (yes, you read that right) started to change the tides in Miami’s favor as the Heat stole their heads and started building.

The heat stores including Tyler Herro and Dewayne Dedmon were fantastic as they created the offense. But despite Miami’s solid attack, Jayson Tatum and Evan Fournier continued to strike their looks and regained the lead early in the second quarter.

The Heat and the Celtics alternated the tracks quite often, not giving themselves much respite. Whenever it looked like the Heat might be able to orchestrate a run, it was Fournier or Tatum stepping in to stop the progress. Fournier and Tatum combined for 28 points in the half.

I must mention the good play of Tyler Herro and Kendrick Nunn in the first half. Both contributed to all the good times to change the dynamics before half-time.

Bam Adebayo had 15 points in the first half, and he did it fairly quietly. When Bam is able to penetrate and get a mismatch, he can work from multiple domains. He’s able to bring out the ball for sleek mid-range looks and cut to really punish in the paint. Bam’s recent aggression should serve Miami well in the home stretch and into the playoffs.

Jimmy would bump into Marcus Smart head-first and be briefly shaken. Fortunately, he remained on the pitch to complete the half. Still, the Heat managed to take a 62-56 lead in the half.

Kendrick Nunn set the tone for the Heat to start the second half, scoring a few easy buckets inside and doing it with a bit of oomph.

However, the Celtics haven’t completely stalled. As Jimmy made his way to the locker room after telling Erik Spoelstra he was having trouble seeing, the Heat wouldn’t have their calming presence to lean on and the Celtics took the opportunity to erase the Heat’s lead. to reach a point.

The Heat and Celtics started to get a bit agitated halfway through the third, with fouls traded left and right. It’s strange to write, but Duncan Robinson was actually the focal point of multiple scuffles. Yes, that Duncan Robinson!

Kemba Walker kept things competitive as Miami worked to exploit Bam’s mismatch on the other end. Although sometimes it didn’t feel like it, it remained a very close game for a while.

Duncan would set off a run for the Heat late in the third quarter, hitting several threes and a nice turnaround. That, coupled with a Herro flat to Ariza, occasional dominance from Bam and a big Goran three, gave the Heat a 14 point as they entered the fourth quarter.

After a very calm first half, Goran pulled off a nice attack for the Heat, hitting 3 threes in what seemed like less than a minute to start the fourth. But it wasn’t just Goran, Tyler also had fun wowing the Celtics.

Herro had over 24 points and 11 rebounds. I’m starting to get the feeling that Tyler really doesn’t like the Celtics because he faces them every time they go up against each other.

The Celtics tried to make a comeback a bit as an extension of Walker and Tatum’s solid play, but their lack of defense kept them from doing any real damage. Well, that and Goran continues to light them up like a dragon.

It was a courageous performance for the Heat after losing Jimmy Butler and an important victory to clinch a playoff berth. The season isn’t over yet, but the Heat finally seem stable after an incredibly fragile season.


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