Metro Denver counties to lift remaining COVID-19 restrictions with Clear crossing this weekend – fr

Metro Denver counties to lift remaining COVID-19 restrictions with Clear crossing this weekend – fr

Much of the Denver metro will see all remaining county-level COVID-19 public health restrictions lifted this weekend, although people will still need to wear masks in specific indoor environments as order throughout the world. ‘State remains in place at least until next month.
Jefferson, Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder and Broomfield counties confirmed on Tuesday that they will move from Level Blue to a new phase called Level Clear on Sunday.

The Denver public health agency pulled over before entering the crossing at Level Clear, but said the city plans to “line up” with neighboring counties.

Once metro counties move to Level Clear, restaurants, bars, offices and other indoor environments can operate at 100% capacity without additional requirements, according to the Tri-County Department of Health’s public health order. .

At Level Blue, restaurants and gyms can only offer full capacity if a social distance of six feet is possible, while bars can only operate at 25% of capacity, and retail spaces at retail and office space are limited to 75% capacity.

The Denver Department of Public Health and Environment “is working with regional and state partners to assess potential restrictions after our current public health order expires,” spokeswoman Clarissa Boggs-Blake said Tuesday. in an email. “We plan to align with other neighboring jurisdictions and adopt by reference all remaining public health state requirements.”

Colorado handed over control of most COVID-19 public health measures to local authorities last month with the expiration of the state’s color-coded restriction dial. Many counties have chosen not to impose other local restrictions at this point, but most metropolises have chosen to stay at Level Blue for a month.

Douglas County was the exception, pulling back from plans by the Tri-County Health Department – which also serves Adam and Arapahoe counties – to stay at Level Blue until Saturday.


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